TANGLEWOOD HOMEOWNERS ASSOCIATION OF SEBRING, Inc. of Sebring, Florida wishes to welcome you to our web site.

The objective of this web site is to keep the residents of Tanglewood Manufactured Home Community informed of the undertakings of the Board of Directors and its volunteer committees.

We will update this web site the first week of each month with pertinent information. In the case of urgent information, the site will be updated as soon as possible.

On behalf of the Board of Directors of Tanglewood Manufactured Home Community, we welcome you to our web site and thank you for your continued support. Currently if you are not a member and would like to join, please click on the above Membership menu for further information.

It is our intent as the duly elected Board of Directors to serve all Homeowners in Tanglewood by intervening on their behalf to enhance the livability, property values and security of our community. We will ensure that all prospectuses and Florida State Statute number 723 and all other applicable laws of the State are adhered to.

General information letter

Tanglewood HOA of Sebring, INC,

•    Learn updates of projects & issues we are working on
•    Open to all home owners of Tanglewood
•    3rd. Wednesday of month, except March, which is the 4th Wednesday
•    At 10:00 a.m. in the Community Center

You Are Important! Your Voice needs to be heard!

Your input is needed! If you have an idea or notice something that needs attention, we need to know about it in order to act on it. Please us the Suggestion and Comment forms, available on the website, or in the Community Center, Bingo area. All names are kept confidential.

NOTE: More than one person can sign a form. The squeaky wheel, gets the grease. Let’s work together to make a difference!

Everyone owning a home in Tanglewood is encouraged to become a member.  Dues are $20 a year for each household. Please attend the monthly meetings to stay informed on current projects and issues we are working on to maintain the community and help you.
Membership forms are mailed to all residents in November. If you are new, or misplaced yours, more are available in the Community Center, at our HOA Center, in Bingo area.. Make checks payable to  “Tanglewood Home Owners Association”. They can be mailed, put in our lock box, or dropped off personally at a meeting.

We will attempt to produce a monthly flyer, and hopefully insert it with the TWR Times to help keep everyone updated on issues and events. The best way to keep us informed of your concerns is to use the Suggestion & Comment form.

The Tanglewood Home Owners Association (HOA) “Center”  is located in the community center, on the wall, in the rear of the Bingo area. All forms, the lock box, and other information are located there, in a wall file. The area is maintained every couple of days, so if you go for a form, and the slots are empty, please check back.

Your Tanglewood HOA Board

President    Donald Toth


Vice President
John Nelson

If you have questions, and desire to speak with someone personally, please fill out the information on a Suggestion/Comment Form, return it to the lockbox, and we will get in touch with you, or contact us by e-mail or phone.

Tanglewood Homeowners Association of Sebring, Inc.
974 Kangaroo Court
Sebring, Florida  33872

We will need approximately 20 volunteers to help with the election. If you would like to volunteer contact any person on the Board of Directors or deposit a note with your name, address, phone number and email in the HOA mail box in the clubhouse bingo area on the back wall.  

Our goal is to keep the site updated with current information. Check it out!

We are making a difference!
Thanks to your Suggestions and Comments, Trees around the circle have been trimmed.  HTA will be painting culverts and curbing in the near future.  TV was installed in workout room.    Some yard work has been done around vacant homes. Our board is creating a letter in support of the Sun ’n Lake Fire Department.

Hometown America is looking into a new gate/key system. We have had many speeding issues brought up, including pictures of vehicles that speed.  There have been some close calls, people passing, etc. For everyone’s safety…PLEASE WATCH YOUR SPEED.
Also, many are concerned with people following through the gate, it is difficult
to know who belongs in the park and who doesn’t, please use transmitter.

When exiting the park and you see someone at the gate waiting, DO NOT key them in unless you know them, see a Tanglewood sticker, or they are a commercial business like UPS/FEDX.

Security/Safety Noticies


(Updates noted with **)
October 13, 2014

More homes were broke into in September while I was gone,  again by access through the Sliding glass doors, you need to secure these doors! Locking them does not help they can be lifted out of their tracks from outside.

It is important to be aware of what is going on in your neighborhood, report suspicious activity  to Melvin Ridley  numbers are in the Tanglewood directory. Do not hesitate to call 911 if you feel it  requires the response of the law enforcement.

We cannot stress this enough; It is important that you remember these few important things to protect your car, and home:

  • Remember to lock your car, Be sure windows are up.
  • Remove your keys from the golf cart,
  • Beware of leaving your house key on the same ring as the cart key, you not only jeopardize your cart being stolen, but also your house being broken into later.
  • Take care to lock your windows after a day of letting the fresh air in.

Dangerous situations
By: Jack Nelson
What is wrong with this picture?

  • Riding a bike at night,
  • Walking at night,
  • Dark cloths,
  • No lights on bike,
  • Flashlight in hand walking or riding?

** Those of you who ride a bike in the park or anywhere for that matter at night, you must have the minimum legal lights on the bike;
One white light to the front,
One Red light to the rear.

** When Walking at night, wear light colored clothes, light reflects off of them better than from dark clothing, carry a light swing it back and forth do not just point it to the ground, very hard to see, wear a reflector vest or reflector arm bands.

A flashlight in held in hand is not a proper light for a bike.
If walking at night wear light colored clothes, make sure you swing your flashlight so it may be seen from the front and rear, a flashlight pointing at the ground cannot be seen by people approaching in a car.

Lets be safe rather than sorry, we do not want to see anyone get injured .

John Nelson
Tanglewood HOA Safety

As you may have noticed Tanglewood is now part of the Sun N’ Lake Golf cart community, meaning you can drive your cart legally on the service road from Dollar General to the Shell Station. You will note the Gold signs as you enter on U.S. 27, stating you are leaving the Golf cart community, this means if you cross U.S 27 you may be tagged.

Reference to the Dollar General situation below; I have seen no action on the part of Sun N’ Lake on this dangerous situation, I wrote a letter 6 weeks ago and have not had a response as of this date. I just returned after a 6 weeks absence, I will get in touch with Dick Miller this week to find out what is going on.


The entrance to Dollar General has been an accident waiting to happen, many people myself included have had the experience of meeting someone head on when we are exiting from North bound U.S. 27 onto Tanglewood drive, caused by people exiting the Dollar General on to Tanglewood through the DO NOT ENTER entrance, then turning left into the ONE WAY to get out to U.S. 27.

Working with Sun N’ Lake Supervisor Dick Miller, the Highlands County Sheriff’s Department and the Highlands County Engineer, we have come up with tentative solution to this dangerous issue; hopefully it will discourage people from using that entrance as an exit point, they must exit to the service road, then come out to Tanglewood drive to go South on U.S. 27.

The suggestion was to narrow the entrance to single car access,(currently wide enough for two cars), installing a slight curve into the entrance toward U.S 27, would make it very difficult to enter into the one way to go west toward the Tanglewood gate to make a U turn at the berm.

Plans would be to block off the other half of the driveway; remove and sod the area was one suggestion, at the same time put a DO NOT ENTER sign right at the entrance to the new driveway at a lower level, and one across the entrance lane of Tanglewood drive on the ONE WAY sign. This new entrance will make it very difficult for anyone to exit, then try to make a U turn to go toward the gate on Tanglewood drive.

I was informed by Highlands County Engineering; someone would have to be seriously injured or killed at that location before they would look at it. This is not an acceptable response.
I personally believe it is the responsibility of Sun ‘N Lake to address the problem as it is within their jurisdiction

John Nelson
Tanglewood HOA Safety