08 October 15, 2014

Tanglewood Homeowner Association of Sebring, Inc.
Sebring, FL 33872

Board of Directors Meeting Minutes for October 15, 2014

The Board of Directors meeting was called to order by Don Toth at 10:00 A.M. in the Tanglewood rec hall bingo area. Don Toth led the Pledge of Allegiances to the flag.
Estimated number of residents in attendance was 228.
To reaffirm the HOA purpose, Don Toth read the HOA’s “Mission Statement.” In addition, all residents are welcome to the meeting whether they are paid or unpaid members of the HOA.
Roll call was taken by Merritt Wiley. Present: Don Toth, Jack Nelson, Bob Cartwright, Charlie Coupe, Nancy Gallagher, Merritt Wiley, George Weyrauch and Jerry Callen. All board members were present for the meeting. Don announced we have a quorum.
Don Toth asked for a motion to accept the minutes from the May 21, 2014 HOA Board meeting. George Weyrauch made a motion to accept the minutes as written; it was seconded by Jerry Callen and passed by all Board members.
President’s report: Don Toth announced the HOA had a meeting with HTA on July 31, 2014.
There were six items discussed. They were Outback issues, security gates and cameras, metal replacement roofs on resident homes, re-sales of Tanglewood homes, Rules and Regulation enforcement and roadway and storm drain maintenance. When all issues have been addressed we will publish them on our bulletin board. A copy of this meeting agenda will be attached to these minutes.
You all know that Manager Rick Sellers has resigned and we have an interim Manager Tammy Martin.
Vice President’s report: Jack Nelson had nothing to report.
Secretary’s report: Merritt Wiley announced, there will be an election of members for Board Directors at our February 18, 2015 HOA meeting. At our next HOA meeting on November 19, 2014, a full report will be given by the Secretary as to how the election will be held. We are looking for residents who would like to be nominated for the election and volunteers to help out with the election. If you are interested, please contact Merritt Wiley.
Treasurer’s report: Bob Cartwright gave the treasurer’s report for the month of May. Beginning balance for May 1, 2014 was $10,387.23. No deposits were made. Total expenses were $846.74. Ending balance as of May 31, 2014 was $9,540.49. A second treasurer’s report was given for June, July, August and September. The starting balance for June 1, 2014 was $9,540.49. Deposits made were $200.00. There were no expenses. Ending balance as of September 30, 2014 was $9,740.49.
Other Board Member reports:
George Weyrauch submitted his resignation from the Board of Directors. Jerry Callen made a motion to accept the resignation; it was seconded by Jack Nelson and passed by all board members.
Jack Nelson commented on the continuing problem with people dumping their trash along the path way to Heartland Bank.
No other reports were given by the Board members.
Don Toth asked for a motion to accept all officer reports. Jack Nelson made the motion to accept all officer reports; it was seconded by Charlie Coupe and passed by all Board members.
Don Toth asked for committee reports:
Property rents committee: There was nothing to report at this time.
Amenities committee: Charlie Coupe reported if you have an idea, comment or suggestion about the amenities in the park, please fill out one of the “Comments and Suggestions” form and drop it in the wooden mail box in the back of the bingo area. This form can be obtained from the same location.
Resales and rentals committee: Jerry Callen reported – in September of 2013 there were 8 units sold with an average selling price of $18,288.00. In September of 2014 there were 14 units sold with an average selling price of $26,257.00. In 2013 year to date there were 66 homes sold and in 2014 year to date there were 76 homes sold. The average selling price in 2013 YTD was $34,093.00 and the average selling price in 2014 YTD was $35,647.00.
Acquisitions committee: Don Toth reported an offer to purchase Tanglewood was submitted to Stephen Braun CEO of Hometown America during the HOA / Hometown America July 31, 2014 meeting but have not received a written response.
Suggestions and Comments committee: George Weyrauch had nothing to report.
Safety committee: Jack Nelson had nothing to report.
Outside vendors committee: Jerry Callen reported – be sure the outside vendor you are using is licensed and insured.
Elections committee: Merritt Wiley report – information for the 2015 election of members for the Board of Directors will be given at our November HOA meeting.
Statutory Committee: Don Toth had nothing to report.
Communications committee: Charlie Coupe – it was suggested that our HOA web site address be included in any email that is sent to the residents of Tanglewood.
Don Toth asked for a motion to accept all committee reports. Jerry Callen made a motion to accept the committee reports, seconded by Jack Nelson and passed by all Board members.
Unfinished business: No unfinished business.
Old business: There was no old business.
New business: Don Toth introduced Eric Zwayer Tax Collector for Highlands County. Mr. Zwayer talked about the new “First Responders” fee of $15.00 leveed by Highlands County. Tanglewood residents must pay Hometown America the “First Responders” fee and Hometown America intern pays Highlands County. This is a pass thru fee. Mr. Zwayer could not define if Hometown America paid an ad valorem tax, tax on their income from Tanglewood or a combination of both to Highlands County.
Don Toth asked for a motion to close the meeting at 11:10 A.M. Jack Nelson made a motion to close the meeting; it was seconded by Merritt Wiley and passed by all Board members.
Don Toth asked for comments and discussion from non-director members of the association.

Please note: As noted in the Presidents report, see the following copy of the agenda from the July 31, 2014 meeting with HTA and Tanglewood HOA.

Merritt Wiley – as its Secretary

Home Town America / HOA Meeting 7/31/2014

Present HOA: Don Toth, Jack Nelson, Merritt Wiley, Nancy Gallagher, Jerry Callen
HTA: Stephen Braun, COO Pres., Gena Paugh, Distr. Mgr., Rick Sellers Property Mgr.

Agenda items discussed:
Outback section;
1.) No more incentive rents will be addressed (see e-mail May 19,2014, S Braun). The lease situation will remain with the increases as reported.
2.) Motor port homes not to be prejudiced as a designation, and the four designations of property rental categories to be adhered to. HTA will advise.
3.) The designation M/H and R/H are for HTA internal use, they realize the 118 homes in Outback are under Manufactured Home status and protected by Florida Statute # 723.

Security Gates/Security Cameras:
1.) Proposal by our committee will be addressed and discussed by them. Our committee will be meeting with Manager for further investigation.
2.) We noted that the marquee/ menu boards at the entrances were out-dated and should be up-dated both for ease of programming and esthetics. They will take this under advisement.
3.) Sun n’ Lake notification of our community for emergency issues was discussed and Manager will investigate an early warning system, possibly a horn or other sounding devise to be installed. Sun n’ Lake will distribute physical flyers to all home owners at present.

Metal Replacement roofs:
1.) Any Homeowner may request to have this replacement done with the written approval of HTA. There will be a letter indicating this from HTA

Home re-sales:
1.) Four Star Realty is not an exclusive agent for re-sales, any agent or others may initiate sales. Four Star is “renting office space only” per HTA.
2.) They cannot set pricing and dictate terms.
3.) A meeting will be set up by Manager with the owner of Four Star with our BOD for further discussions on our desires for re-sales.

Rules and Regulations:
1.) Discussed vehicle stickers, gate openers and code for gate and enforcement. This is impossible at this time refer back to redoing entrance gates with security measures.
2.) Discussed marking entrance roads with double solid lines with speed limit painted in roadway. HTA will discuss and advise us.

Roadway repairs and maintenance:
1.) Roadways and repairs are needed due to wash outs. HTA will contract with a company that investigates the piping under our roadways to determine the cause of the wash outs.
2.) HTA will advise us as to the maintenance schedule that will be forthcoming.

We then presented Stephen Braun with the formal offer to purchase Tanglewood. His reaction was that he felt that this would not happen, “not in my lifetime”. We then asked him to present this to his BOD for perusal and formally answer us. He was then asked to consider the proposal if Tanglewood was put up for sale or an offer was made? Could the residents have right of ”first refusal”? He said this also his BOD decision.

Respectfully Submitted,

Donald Toth, President