10 December 17, 2014

Tanglewood Homeowner Association of Sebring, Inc.
Sebring, FL 33872

Board of Directors Meeting Minutes for December 17, 2014

The Board of Directors meeting was called to order by Don Toth at 10:00 A.M. in the Tanglewood rec hall bingo area. Don Toth led the Pledge of Allegiances to the flag.
Estimated number of residents in attendance was 159.
Prior to the opening of the HOA meeting, Don Toth introduced the Tammy Martin the park manager. Tammy gave an update on the proposed projects for 2015 and hopefully they will be included in the 2015 expenditures. Don also introduced George Juver from the blood drive. George announced if you are able to donate, there were open times in the afternoon.
To reaffirm the HOA purpose, Don Toth read the HOA’s “Mission Statement.” In addition, all residents are welcome to the meeting whether they are paid or unpaid members of the HOA.
Roll call was taken by Merritt Wiley. Present: Don Toth, Jack Nelson, Bob Cartwright, Charlie Coupe, Nancy Gallagher, Janet Peterson, Judith Eckstein and Merritt Wiley. All board members were present for the meeting. Don announced we have a quorum.
Don Toth asked for a motion to accept the minutes from the November 19, 2014 HOA Board meeting. Jack Nelson made a motion to accept the minutes as written; it was seconded by Bob Cartwright and passed by all Board members.
President’s report: Don Toth; we will have an election in February 2015 to elect a new Board of Directors. Please pay your dues so you will be eligible to vote in the election. We are looking for nominations for this election.
Vice President’s report: Jack Nelson had nothing to report.
Secretary’s report: Merritt Wiley had nothing to report.
Treasurer’s report: Bob Cartwright gave the treasurer’s report for the month of November. Beginning balance for November 1, 2014 was $9,717.49. Total deposits made were $3,110.00 and there were no expenses. Ending balance as of November 30, 2014 was $12,827.49. As of December 17, 2015, there are 267 paid members.
Other Board Member reports: No other reports were given by Board members.
Don Toth asked for a motion to accept all officer reports. Jack Nelson made the motion to accept all officer reports; it was seconded by Judith Eckstein and passed by all Board members.
Don Toth asked for committee reports:
Property rents committee: There was nothing to report at this time.
Amenities committee: Charlie Coupe reported the Amenities Committee is continuing to monitor the amenities thru out the park. Monthly meetings are being held with the park manager to discuss what has been accomplished and what new items have been added to the list that requires attention.
Resales and rentals committee: A Resales and Rental report was filed with Don Toth – in November of 2013 there were 4 units sold with an average selling price of $25,625.00. In November of 2014 there were 9 units sold with an average selling price of $41,756.00. In 2013 year to date there were 74 homes sold and in 2014 year to date there were 98 homes sold. The average selling price in 2013 YTD was $33,323.00 and the average selling price in 2014 YTD was $35,801.00. Currently there are 72 homes for sale. Traffic is increasing due to increased advertising and home pricing/value is continuing to increase with mandatory NADA market analysis. Four Star is holding open houses every weekend.
Acquisitions committee: Don Toth reported we have not received a reply to purchase the park from HTA and does not expect to receive one.
Suggestions and Comments committee: This was included in Charlie Coupe’s amenities report.
Safety committee: Jack Nelson report people walking at night should wear light colored clothes and carry a light to be seen by cars and golf carts.
Outside vendors committee: The committee asked before you choose an outside vendor, consult our web site for guidance and be sure they are licensed and insured.
Nominations and Elections committee: Merritt Wiley reported nominations for the February 18, 2015 elections are open. Your 2015 dues must be paid before you can be nominated. There are nine seats to be filled for the Board of Directors in the 2015 elections. Nomination forms are located in the forms rack to the right of Tanglewood HOA bulletin board at the back of the Clubhouse bingo area. Deposit your nomination form in the HOA mail box adjacent to the forms rack. Nominations will be closed at our regular HOA meeting January 21, 2015. The record date for this election is January 31, 2015. Dues must be paid and recorded in our Treasurer’s data base by this record date. If not, the household is not eligible to receive a ballot and vote. There will be only one ballot issued per eligible household. There will be no write-ins on the ballot.
Statutory Committee: Don Toth had nothing to report.
Communications committee: Charlie Coupe had nothing to report.
Committee report acceptance: Jack Nelson made a motion to accept the committee reports, seconded by Charlie Coupe and passed by all Board members.
Unfinished business: No unfinished business.
New business: Bob Cartwright asked for the Board of Directors approval to pay two invoices. The first invoice was from our attorney Brandon Craig for $665.00 for his study of our By-Laws and meeting with Board members about the By-Laws and the election of Board members. The second invoice was from Bogus Printing for the printing and mailing of the HOA dues notice for $452.30. Janet Peterson made a motion to pay the two invoices; it was seconded by Charlie Coupe and passed by all Board members.
Old business: There was no old business.
Don Toth asked for a motion to close the meeting at 10:30 A.M. Jack Nelson made a motion to close the meeting; it was seconded by Charlie Coupe and passed by all Board members.
Don Toth asked for comments and discussion from non-director members of the association.

Respectfully submitted

Merritt Wiley – as its Secretary