Board President


Welcome to the Tanglewood Homeowners Association of Sebring, Inc,

As President of the Tanglewood HOA, I encourage you to join and become an active member. Attending the HOA Board of Directors monthly meetings will keep you informed of new and current projects and community issues we are working on. The HOA monthly meetings are held on the third Wednesday of each month at 7:00 pm in the Club House. If important decisions are made during an HOA meeting, this information will be emailed to all paid HOA members.

HOA membership dues are $20 a year per household. You must be a paid member to speak at a board meeting and vote in an election. Membership forms are mailed to all residents in November. If you are new resident or misplaced your mailed membership form, copies are available in the Club House at our HOA Center, on the back wall in the Bingo area. Also located in this area are the “Comments and Suggestions” forms, the HOA lock box, and other posted information. When paying your dues, make your check payable to “Tanglewood Home Owners Association”. Your completed membership form and check may be mailed to the address below, put in the HOA lock box, or dropped off personally at a HOA Board of Directors meeting.

You are important and your input is needed!
To keep the Board of Directors of the Tanglewood HOA informed of your concerns, attended the monthly HOA meetings and be heard. In addition, if you have an idea or notice something that requires attention, we need to know about it in order to act on it. Please use the Comments and Suggestions form available on this website, or in the Club House Bingo area. All names are kept confidential. Let’s work together to make a difference!

If you have questions, and desire to speak with someone personally, please fill out the information on the Comments and Suggestions form, return it to the HOA lock box, and we will contact you. You may also contact the HOA by using the following contact form. When filling out this form, include your name on the first line, your email address on the second line and subject matter on the third line. If you would like this email directed to a board member, please include the board members name in your message.

Tanglewood Homeowners Association of Sebring, Inc.
Box 974 Kangaroo Court
Sebring, Florida 33872

Charlie Coupe    President