02 January 29, 2015 Annual Organization Meeting

January 29, 2015
The Annual Organization Meeting of the Board of Directors was called to order in the Clubhouse at 7:00pm. Present: Don Toth, Jack Nelson, Bob Cartwright, Charlie Coupe, Merritt Wiley, Nancy Gallagher, Judith Eckstein and Janet Peterson. There is one vacant seat.

The agenda consisted of two items:

1. Election of Officers

The following persons have been elected to serve in the offices following his or her name for a term of one year:

Donald Toth ———– President.
Merritt Wiley ———– Vice President, Assistant Treasurer
Nancy Gallagher —– Secretary
Bob Cartwright ——- Treasurer

Pursuant to the Bylaws, other officers may be elected as needed.

2. Organization of Board Committees:

Each of the existing Committees was reviewed to determine whether its purpose continues to be necessary, and whether services are required seasonally or year-round.

A board member was appointed to direct each committee, solicit and appoint a Chairperson and engage members of the Association to perform the duties required for the stated purpose of the committee. Each Director responsible for a committee must define its purpose and provide operating procedures to the Board. For those committees who meet monthly with Management, the meetings may be conducted by the Chairperson of the committee together with the required presence of the responsible board member. At the monthly board meetings, each board member will report the results of his or her committee work to the board and the membership.

Acquisition ———————— Don Toth
Amenities ————————- Charlie Coupe
Comments & Suggestions —- Janet Peterson
Communications  ————— Charlie Coupe
Nominations & Elections —— Merritt Wiley & Nancy Gallagher
Property Rents —————— Merritt Wiley & Nancy Gallagher
Re-sales & Rentals  ————Judith Eckstein
Safety —————————– Jack Nelson
Statutory  ————————-To be determined in the Fall

Following the committee assignments, the Organization Meeting was adjourned.

Respectively Submitted

Nancy Gallagher, Secretary