Answer to question about Security Vehicle in Tanglewood

Posted February 20, 2015

At the HOA meeting February 18th a question was asked about what the Security vehicle that travels through Tanglewood does.

I talked to the Deputy Sheriff Mark Schrader on Thursday at lunch, he stated;  the Security vehicle is just to show presence, they have no arrest powers, and are not armed. They can contact the sheriffs department in an emergency.

The second part of the question was whether or not we could get the Sheriff’s department to make regular check through Tanglewood.

Deputy Sheriff Schrader said the Sheriffs Department has one officer who covers a very large area that encompasses Tanglewood, he has the pass code for the gates and does make trips through when he is in the immediate area. He also stated; Hometown America can hire an off duty deputy to do regular patrols at the cost of $45.00 per hour, this is what they do at the Sebring Country Club.

My suggestion is for the individual who asked the question, or anyone else who has a concern, to fill out one of the “Comments and Suggestion” forms (you can print one from this site), then submit to the HOA so the issue can be brought up with Tanglewood Management.

John Nelson