Cart Path to Heart land bank  New Signs.

I would like to personally thank the individual who made and securely mounted these new fantastic dog trail signs on the cart path to Heartland Bank.  This path is used by joggers, runners, walkers and bicyclist as well as golf carts, lets keep it free of animal waste.

Hopefully this will be a reminder to everyone to please pick up after your pet, it is your responsibility.

Also please notice the sign stating “NO dumping of Yard waste”, this is private property, it is not our right to take yard trimmings down there and dump them on the trail as they did in the other locations which has now been cleared.
Heartland Bank  maintains this trail, it creates a hazard for the mowers.
They property is the right away of the Power company, it is not Tanglewood property.

We have twice a month yard debris pickup anything done in between please bag and hold for scheduled pickup.


John Nelson,
Safety  & Security Committee
HOA Vice President

 dog trail signs