01 – Minutes February 25, 2012

Tanglewood Homeowner Association of Sebring, Inc.
Sebring, FL 33872

Board of Directors Meeting Minutes for February 25, 2012 

Present from the Board of Directors:
Don Toth Bob Cartwright Don Pisani Gladys Nealon
Merritt Wiley Jack Nelson Bill Evans Garland Wampler
George Weyrauch Jim Child
Meeting was called to order at 2:00 p.m. in Tanglewood activities building screen room.
Agenda for the first meeting, elect officers, discuss opening a bank account, rent a safety deposit box, rent a P.O. box and finalize printing and mailing of the dues and first HOA meeting notice.
Don Toth was nominated for President by George Weyrauch and Don Toth accepted the nomination. Merritt Wiley seconded the nomination and all present voted yes.
Jim Child was nominated for Vice President by George Weyrauch and Jim Child accepted the nomination. Merritt Wiley seconded the nomination and all present voted yes.
Merritt Wiley was nominated for Secretary by Bill Evans and Merritt Wiley accepted the nomination. Garland Wampler seconded the nomination and all present voted yes.
Bob Cartwright was nominated for Treasurer by George Weyrauch and Bob Cartwright accepted the nomination. Don Toth seconded the nomination and all present voted yes. Jack Nelson agreed to serve as Vice Treasurer to help Bob Cartwright.
The following were elected for a one year term:
Don Toth – President, Jim Child – Vice President, Bob Cartwright – Treasurer
Jack Nelson – Vice Treasurer, Merritt Wiley – Secretary
To expedite mailing of the 2012 dues and March 28, 2012 meeting notice, it was agreed by all present to use Creative Printing of Sebring.
Don Toth, Bob Cartwright and Merritt Wiley agreed to meet at Bank of America on Feb. 28 2012 to open a corporate checking account and rent a safety deposit box.
Merritt Wiley presented pricing to rent a 4 X 6 P.O. box from Alligator Pack and Ship for $105.00 per year and $56.00 per year from the Post Office. Because of the price difference, all agreed to rent from the Post Office. The P.O. box will be rented on Feb. 28, 2012.
All discussed and agreed the following committees should be formed:
Rent, Rental properties, Security, Amenities, Elections and Out Side Vendors.
Will ask for committee volunteers from resident members at the next community wide board meeting.
The next community wide board meeting will be held on Wednesday March 28, 2012 at 10:00 in the club house bingo area.
On a motion by Don Toth, the meeting was adjourned at 11:35 A.M. and seconded by Bill Evans.

Merritt Wiley – As its Secretary