02 February 15, 2017

February 15, 2017

The monthly meeting of the Board of Directors was called to order by Don Toth at 7:00 P.M. in the Tanglewood rec hall, bingo area.  Estimated number of residents in attendance was 143.   Don Toth led the Pledge of Allegiance to the flag.  To reaffirm the HOA purpose, Don read the HOA’s “Mission Statement”, and reminded the assembly that all residents are welcome to the meeting. Present: Don Toth, Jack Nelson, Charlie Coupe, Judith Eckstein, Jay Etherton, Janet Peterson, Merritt Wiley, Bob Cartwright, Tom Guinther & Jeff Donde.
Don led the Pledge of Allegiance & read the Mission Statement of the board
Don announced the presence of a quorum.
Motion made by Jack to accept January minutes, seconded by Charlie, accepted.
President’s report: Don Toth:  Del Tura is having problems, will work for coalition with other HTA parks, meet and exchange ideas.  Welcomed Tom and Jeff to board of directors.  We can have up to eleven members on the board. Two women attended the workshop.  Anyone can serve on committees.
Executive Vice President’s report:  No report
Vice President’s report:  No report
Secretary’s report:  No report.
Treasurer’s report:  Bob Cartwright :   January 2017
Beginning balance: $15,580.03
Expenses:               $ 1,509.85
Deposits:                 $ 3,585.00
Ending balance:      $17,655.18
There is no physical address in Tanglewood.  We are using a PO box.  Can put dues in the brown box by HOA information in the club house.
Debit card issue, checking into switching from MC to VISA, Jack will use phone for alerts
Other Board Member reports:  No reports
Don asked for a motion to accept all officer reports.  A motion to accept all officer reports was made by Jay Etherton, seconded by Judith and passed by all Board members.
Jack asked for committee reports:
Acquisition:  Don Toth:  No report
Amenities: Charlie Coupe reported the Amenities Committee is continuing to monitor the amenities thru out the park. Monthly meetings are being held with the park manager to discuss what has been accomplished and what new items have been added to the list that requires attention.  This report is posted on the HOA bulletin board.
Completed: pickle ball courts, acoustiblok curtains for pickle ball courts, electronic reader board, drainage pothole repairs, leaky club house, painting of club house and activity center, pool coping boarder and outback rv comfort station remodel.
Projects delayed:  rv storage paving and update, replacement of concrete pads in Outback, sidewalk repairs, bash area grass
Communications & Amenities: Charlie Coupe:  Thanked all 19 volunteers who helped with delivery of HOA directories, & Merritt Wiley, project coordinator. Changes will be sent out quarterly.  Would like help posting changes.
Amenities: Project update – Tammy is out of town, no meeting.
Pickle ball courts:  new cement platform between old & new courts, sod placed in bare spots around courts & the old court has been upgraded to the lower internal fences with a walkway.
Comments and SuggestionsJanet Peterson:   Manager’s responses to our concerns:  All pickle ball courts in use; event notices are to be out prior to the first of the month, agility training run, for dogs, has been moved to the circle; rent is capped at market value & will not be froze; management is aware of sidewalks in need of repair, need to hire new company to do the work; we cannot compare Tanglewood to other HTA properties, as they are purchased with prospectus and the contracts signed by residents; pool is open dawn until dusk; do not feed ferel cats, call animal control; residents need to be careful on wet leaves, impossible to remove all of them; lights in front of club house are on a timer, it is checked regularly.
Comments & Suggestions data will be posted in HOA area near the credenza.
Nominations and Elections committeeMerritt:  There were no nominations for the election of board members, will need to meet to reconfirm the board.
Property rentsMerritt: No Report
Re- sales and Rentals committee: Judith Eckstein:
Four Star sales:  64 active listings, average list price $54,445, average sale price $19,750
Florida Mobile Homes:  31 active listings, average list price $54,582, average sale price $23,650
Safety committee: Jack Nelson
Construction near pickle ball
Need to get sidewalks repaired
Need to meet with the gate people
Remember, wild animals carry rabies
Statutory Committee: Don Toth had nothing to report. No need for committee at this time.
HOA Goodwill Ambassador:  Jay:  Will be at HOA meeting one hour early and stay one hour after for vest pick-up.
Don asked for a motion to accept the committee reports which was made by Jack, seconded by Judith and passed by all Board members.
Jay made a motion, seconded by Merritt, to contact attorney concerning road issues.
Re-elect officers at Board of Directors committee meeting
UNFINISHED BUSINESSNo unfinished business
Directories:  Merritt said we need corrections from people for next year up-dates to the directory, by law we cannot list e-mails, and thank merchants who advertised.  Contact Merritt for small business ads for Tanglewood page.
Gates:  Bob presented information on a gate system, using a transmitter on headlight, and keypad for UPS & contractors.  Cost:  $6,500
Jack & Don will investigate gate & code issue.
Janet made a motion to adjourn, seconded by Judith
Meeting adjourned at 8:28 p.m.
Respectfully submitted

Janet Peterson, Recording Secretary