09 December 20, 2017

Tanglewood Homeowners Association of Sebring, Inc. Sebring, FL 33872
Board of Directors Meeting Minutes
December 20, 2017

The Board of Directors meeting was called to order by President Don Toth at 7:00 P.M. in the Tanglewood Club House. The meeting opened with the Pledge of allegiance. Estimated number of residents in attendance was 162. The “Mission Statement” was read. All residents are welcome to the meeting whether or not they are paid members of the HOA. The last meeting minutes were not read in order to save time. Once approved by the BOD, they will be posted on the website and the HOA bulletin board.
Roll call was taken by Secretary, Pam Batey. Those Present: President Don Toth, Executive Vice President Jack Nelson, VP Merritt Wiley, Secretary Pam Batey, Treasurer Bob Cartwright, Directors; Judith Eckstein, Charlie Coupe, Tom Guinther, Jeffery Donde. One excused absence – Janet Peterson. Don announced we have a quorum and asked for a motion to accept the November HOA Board meeting minutes. Jack Nelson made a motion to accept the minutes; seconded by Judith Eckstein, and passed by all Board members. The Agenda sign up forms were available at the entrance table for members who wished to speak on the topics listed.
Report of Officers and Committees:
President’s report: Don Toth President – HTA has received a proposal from Brooker Fence and we are reviewing. Corporate is in the process of implementing the use of cell phones to open gates for visitors. Road updates will be addressed in the Agenda Item1.
Acquisition: Don Toth Chairman – Nothing to report
Coalition: Don Toth Chairman – Nothing to report
Secretary’s report: Pam Batey – Spoke on the Hurricane Shelter Project and reminded residents of the Special Needs Forms available on the Credenza. The completed forms need to be returned to the Health Dept. in January. They can also be turned in to the Church Health Ministry during Monday Morning Coffee to Pam Batey. She has offered to take them to the Health Dept.
We meet with Manager, Tammy Martin monthly concerning the information we present here. Both sides are working well together.
Treasurer’s report: Bob Cartwright – For the month of November 2017. Account opened with $13,475.19, with $900.20 total expenses, deposits $4,660.00 and closed with $17,234.99. Membership for 2017 was 498 (45.5%). Today we have 449 paid members (41%) towards 2018 membership. Additional income of $1,050.00 from vests and donations. Current donations $330.00.
Agenda Item 1: Roadways, Safety, and Construction: Jack Nelson, Executive VP/Chairman
Gates: Jack spoke of the new gate system that would eliminate clicking issues, or the gate staying open. HTA is working on a nationwide program to accept cell phones with non-local numbers to open the gates.
Roadways /Construction: Excavation Point will return after Christmas to continue repairing the roadway problems. Once the underground areas are completed, HTA will send an Engineer to assess the roads then present a plan for completing the road surfaces. The HOA will be informed and communicate with them. The project is estimated to be completed sometime next year. Question from members: Are they going to pass the cost of this onto us? Don referred to Statute 723 which does not allow management to pass on the cost of ‘maintenance of roadways’ to the homeowner.
Agenda Item 2
Elections Committee: Tom Guinther, Director/Chairman
Tom explained the three year election cycle of the election process according to the bylaws of the HOA. Currently, one vacancy is open on the board. Four resumes have been submitted for that position.
Nominating Committee – Tom Guinther, Director/Chairman
There are two ways to apply for membership to the board.
1. Submit Resume no later than January 1, 2018.
2. Nominations from the floor at the January 2018 membership meeting.
a. 1st nominations from the floor
b. 2nd nomination results from the nominating committee
c. All eligible resumes will be posted on the bulletin board for review after the January 17th meeting.
3. February 21: Election Night
Criteria for position:
1. Full time residents with available time commitment important
2. Applicant must have a positive attitude toward current board members and objectives.
3. The ability to work together to obtain group objectives, not personal ones.
4. The ability to communicate and express ideas intelligently as demonstrated by a professional resume and an oral interview.
Chairman Tom Guinther introduced the Nominating Committee. Theresa Reynolds, Elaine Schmidt, and Gordon Adams, with Tom Guinther as Chair. Tom asked for a formal motion to be made that the nominating committee be approved by the board. Jack Nelson made a motion the nominating committee be approved by the board; seconded by Pam Batey, approved by all board members; so carried. The nominating committee will announce their recommendation to the board at the membership meeting in January 2018. The elections are for a board position, not an officer’s position. The officers are elected after the February meeting by the board as a whole. No questions from the floor.
Agenda Item 3: Mediation/2018 Rent Increase Tom Guinther, Director/Chairman
2018 Rent Increase – Reported on the progress of the statutory committee.
Questions from members: is there a time limit for them to respond to your request? If they respond before January 5 there will be no mediation. Another member questioned the 33 cents pass through tax. It is a fee to be paid by the state and by law HTA has the legal right to pass on to the homeowner. The 33 cents is NOT currently included in the total on the form.
Question about the 51% signatures membership drive for mediation. We have met that criteria and our lawyer has closed the file.
Donna Scorse was introduced as the leader of the newly formed Membership Committee established to educate the community on the benefits of becoming a member of the HOA.
Phone Directory Committee: Merritt Wiley, VP/Chairman
The phone directory is at the printer. However, we are still accepting phone changes etc. until we receive the final proof, est. first week of January. Need 3-4 more volunteers to distribute the directories. There will be one phone number for each address. The art league held a contest to design a cover for the directory. Bob Clark’s design was the winner. This is a free directory updated monthly and printed annually for residents.
Amenities: Charlie Coupe Chairman – Our focus is to monitor the maintenance of the amenities set forth in our prospectus. Our rent pays for amenity maintenance and amenity taxes. We meet monthly with Manager, Tammy Martin concerning these issues to ensure prompt attention to areas in need of updating. The maintenance spreadsheet will be posted on the bulletin board and on the website.
Communication Committee: Charlie Coupe Chairman – We have a new data base. Please confirm your email address if you have not been receiving information from us such as the mail box fraud alert. The computer club is also available to assist with computer needs.
Comments and Suggestions: Judith Eckstein Co-chair filling in for Janet Peterson. Forms are located in the club house next to the bulletin board. They are registered and numbered, then reported monthly to Tammy. The comments and her responses will be posted on the bulletin board to view.
Sale of Homes/ Resales & Rentals: Judith Eckstein Chairman – November Sales had a total of 11 homes sold. Four Star sold three homes, with average price at $49,000.00. Florida Mobile Homes sold one home for 34,750.00 and Hometown America sold eight with average price of $50,700.00. Compared to last year, home sales are rising.
Assistant Treasurer Report: Jeff Donde Assist Treasurer. There are HOA Reflective Vests still available for those newly paid HOA members. First vest is free, second one is $10.00. If you have paid your dues but never received a vest, you are entitled to one. Please come up after the meeting is over to pick them up. Membership will be verified via the HOA database.

Safety: Jack Nelson reminded everyone to wear their reflective vests at night to be better seen when walking in the street. Pam Batey also reminded the residents to avoid parking in the fire lane and the grass area in front of the Clubhouse. Possibility of a fine of $250.00.
Unfinished business: None
Old business: None
New business: None
Committee report acceptance: Judith made a motion to accept the officer reports, seconded by Bob Cartwright and passed by all Board members. Jack made a motion to adjourn the business meeting, seconded by Judith Eckstein. Meeting Adjourned.

One member addressed the board about the equipment in the workout center being in the wrong place. He volunteered to go directly to Tammy and give direction of where the equipment should be located. He appeared doubtful of the chipping boxes returning to the grassy area near the putting greens. No other questions from the audience. Meeting officially ended.

Respectfully submitted,

Pam Batey –Secretary BOD