01 January 17, 2018

 Tanglewood Homeowners Association of Sebring, Inc.
Board of Directors Annual Membership Meeting Minutes
January 17, 2018

The Board of Directors meeting was called to order by President Don Toth at 7:00 P.M. in the Tanglewood Club House. The meeting opened with the Pledge of allegiance.  Estimated number of residents in attendance was 328The “Mission Statement” was read.  All residents are welcome to the meeting whether or not they are paid members of the HOA. The last meeting minutes were not read in order to save time. Once approved by the BOD, they will be posted on the website and the HOA bulletin board. Membership privileges were reviewed.
In lieu of Roll call, President, Don Toth introduced his ‘Orchestra’ of board members, in appreciation of their hard work and dedication to the HOA. Those present: President Don Toth, Executive VP Jack Nelson, VP Merritt Wiley, Treasurer Bob Cartwright, Secretary Pam Batey, Assistant Treasurer Jeffery Donde, Director Judith Eckstein, Director Janet Peterson, Director Charlie Coupe, Director Tom Guinther.
Don announced we have a quorum and asked for a motion to accept the December HOA Board meeting minutes. Jack Nelson made a motion to accept the minutes; seconded by Bob Cartwright, and passed by all Board members.  The Agenda sign up forms were available at the entrance table for members who wished to speak on the topics listed.
Report of Officers and Committees:
President’s report: Don Toth President – Nothing to report
Acquisition/Coalition: Don Toth Chairman – Nothing to Report
Agenda Item 1:  Elections & Nominating Committee; Director, Chairman Tom Guinther
Tom explained the election process according to the bylaws of the HOA.  Currently, one vacancy is open on the board. Jack Nelson made a motion to open the nominating process, Pam Batey, seconded, and passed by all board members.  There were no nominations from the floor. Merritt Wiley made a motion to close the nominations, seconded by Judith Eckstein and passed by all board members. Bob Sisson and Donna Scorse were the Nominating Committee’s choice for the election to be held in February’s meeting.  Their resumes will be posted on the bulletin board for review.
Agenda Item 2: Roadways /Gates:  Exec VP, Jack Nelson
Jack explained the progress of the roadways and assured the members their homes were not in danger.  He had poster size photos of the sleeves covering the pipes underground under several homes in the park. The photos will be in Tammy’s Office after the meeting for review.   Jack described the process being taken to correct the problem and with the street repairs to follow.  Gates: Jack reminded members of the correct use of the clickers. The current vendor’s bid was not conducive to our needs and was rejected; now waiting on a counter bid from same company.
Agenda Item 3:  Statutory/Mediation/2018 Rent Increase Tom Guinther, Director/Chairman
Tom reported on the progress of the statutory committee and a date for the Mediation process.
Questions were asked by members and answered by both Tom and Don concerning the park.
Communication Committee: Merritt Wiley, VP/Chairman
The phone directory is going to press next week.  He thanked the volunteers who have offered to distribute the directories once they are completed.
Secretary Report: Pam Batey – Reported on the meeting with Manager, Tammy Martin and named the board members who were present. Tammy read her list of 2018 Capitol Expenses.  A new water heater was purchased for the Outback. Chairs have been ordered for the club house and adding solar lights around the community signs were discussed. Pickleball committee requested ‘Golf Cart Parking Only’ signs be place around the courts. Tammy plans to order the signs. Charlie Coupe reviewed the amenities, safety, construction, and security items from Dec. 2017 and current.
Amenities: Charlie Coupe Chairman: The focus is to monitor the maintenance of the amenities set forth in our prospectus. Charlie reviewed the projects remaining on the books from 2017 that were moved to a future project. The 2018 capital expenses are included in the maintenance spreadsheet and will be posted on the bulletin board and website.
CommunicationCharlie Coupe Chairman: We have a new data base. The computer club is available to assist those with computer needs. For those who do not have computers and we are made aware, we will deliver the information to your home.
Treasurer’s report:  Bob Cartwright – For the month of December 2017 our account opened with $17234.99. Total expenses of $1917.81 and total deposits of $5620.00, leaving a closing balance of $20,937.18. Membership to date shows 48.5% have paid their dues. As of today we have 531 paid members with an additional $560.00 Income from other donations.
Sale of Homes/ Resales & Rentals:  Director, Judith Eckstein Chairman – December Sales had a total of 5 homes sold. Four Star sold four homes, with average price at $22,000.  Florida Mobile Homes sold one home for $29,000 and Hometown America average price of homes was $63,500.
Comments and Suggestions: Director, Janet Peterson.  Janet reviewed the process of using the forms which are located in the club house next to the bulletin board. They’re numbered, and then reported monthly to Tammy. The comments and Tammy’s responses will be posted on the bulletin board to view. Review from November; Tables in bash area were displaced and HTA is currently working to correct. The exercise equipment has been returned to the original placement in the workout room.
Assistant Treasurer Report: Jeff Donde Assist Treasurer. There are HOA Reflective Vests still available for those newly paid HOA members.  First vest is free, second one is $10.00. If you have paid your dues but never received a vest, you are entitled to one. Please come up after the meeting is over to pick them up. Membership will be verified via the HOA database.
Committee report acceptance:   Janet Peterson made a motion to accept the officer reports, seconded by Judith Eckstein and passed by all Board members.
Unfinished business:  None
Old business:  None
New business:  Seniors Vs Crime Program:  Tom Guinther, Director – The Seniors  vs  Crime Program is a Special Project of the Florida Attorney General’s Office with newly opened offices in Highlands County. The Tanglewood HOA is sponsoring the “program introduction” to Tanglewood residents.
The Highlands County Office is sponsored by and located at the Highlands County Sheriff’s Office and is open from 10 am to 2 pm on Tuesday and Thursday.
Tom Guinther is the Program director and is assisted by volunteers, several from Tanglewood including Dana Silva, retired police officer and John Bauer, retired contractor. The purpose is to assist senior citizens who are victims of financial abuse.  Investigators and officers now have the power to investigate civil issues, such as contractors, warranty problems, medical billing refunds, computer scams, etc. They act as mediators and there is no charge for the assistance.  One important rule to follow for prevention: “Never Pay Cash For Anything” before the job is completed and you are satisfied.  Credit cards are best use of payment.  The program was well received by the audience.

Jack Nelson made a motion the meeting be adjourned, seconded by Pam Batey, motion carried. Business meeting adjourned.  No new concerns from the members.

Respectfully submitted,

Pam Batey –Secretary BOD