03 February 21, 2018

Tanglewood Homeowner Association of Sebring, Inc.
Board of Directors Annual Meeting Minutes for February 21, 2018
Sebring, FL 33872

The Board of Directors meeting was called to order by President Don Toth at 7:00 P.M. in the Tanglewood Club House. The meeting opened with the Pledge of allegiance.  Estimated number of residents in attendance was 320The “Mission Statement” was read.  All residents are welcome to the meeting whether or not they are paid members of the HOA. The last meeting minutes were not read in order to save time. Once approved by the BOD, they will be posted on the website and the HOA bulletin board. Membership privileges were reviewed.
There will be only one item on the agenda for this annual meeting. Elections Committee Chairmen Tom Guinther will introduce the elections committee and the two candidates.
As requested by our lawyer Brandon Craig, on February 19, 2018 a special meeting of the BOD was held to discuss, vote and provide authorization to our lawyer to file a law suit in circuit court if our request to lower rents is not met in the mediation meeting on February 21, 2018.
Roll call was taken by acting secretary Merritt Wiley. Present: Don Toth, Jack Nelson, Merritt Wiley, Bob Cartwright, Tom Guinther, Charlie Coupe, Judith Eckstein, Janet Peterson and Jeff Donde. Don announced we have a quorum.
Don Toth asked for a motion to accept the January 17, 2018 HOA Board meeting minutes. Jack Nelson made a motion to accept the minutes; it was seconded by Janet Peterson and passed by all Board members.
Acting secretary Merritt Wiley read the minutes from the special Board of Directors meeting held on February 19, 2018.
Don Toth asked for a motion to accept the meeting minutes from the special HOA Board of Directors meeting held on February 19, 2018. Jack Nelson made a motion to accept the minutes; it was seconded by Judith Eckstein and passed by all Board members. Don Toth requested these minutes be posted on our web site and on the HOA bulletin board.
The resignation of Board member Pam Batey was read by Don Toth.
Don Toth asked for a motion to accept the resignation of Pam Batey. Merritt Wiley made a motion to accept the resignation; it was seconded by Janet Peterson and passed by all Board members.
Don Toth asked for the Elections and Nominating Committee report from Tom Guinther. Tom reported the committee met last month and nominated two individuals. The two individuals were Donna Scorse and Bob Sisson. Because there are two positions open on the Board and we have two nominations, a paper ballot is not necessary. Tom asked for a show hands from all attending residents if they were in favor of placing the two nominees on the Board of Directors. There was a show of hands from the majority of the attendees. Tom asked for a show of hands that were not in favor. There were none. Tom announced the election carried. Tom welcomed the new Board members and asked them to take their place at the Board of Directors table.

Report of officers and committees:
President’s report: Don Toth had nothing to report.
Director Tom Guinther: Statutory committee – The mediation meeting was held this date at 1:00 P.M. in Tanglewood with Hometown America. There were four goals that the statutory committee had:

  1. Reduction in monthly lot rent to correct the current disparity between Tanglewood and comparable communities. (Tanglewood average rent of $672.00 vs comparable community lot rent of $508.00 / $485.00)
  2. Equalization of all Tanglewood “Outback” home rental rate increases to the same percentage as the majority of the homes in the Tanglewood community.
  3. Immediate application of the final layer of paving to all Tanglewood streets not yet having this asphalt layer applied, along with the institution of a continued maintenance program. This is necessary to maintain the integrity of the streets and storm sewer system, and to prevent another system failure.
  4. There has been a past practice of moving uncompleted Capital Item renovation projects forward to the next year for completion. In 2017 several promised capital renovation projects were unable to be completed. Instead of moving them to the 2018 projects, a new practice was implemented: the promised capital renovations were merely eliminated. If a promised renovation project to be completed in any year, the project should be moved to the front of the next years capital project list, not summarily eliminated.

There was no resolution at the close of mediation, but gave HTA 45 days to try and resolve the four issues before we file a law suit.
Executive Vice President’s report: Jack Nelson – roadways, gates and safety. Once repair of the roads and drains are complete, a camera crew will check the repairs. If additional problems are found, corrections will be made. When all road and drain problems have been correct, HTA will have their road engineer inspect all roads and make recommendations what has to been done to finish the road surfaces. A revised bid was received for the new gate access system. The gate replacement system cost will be in the 2019 budget. There were no safety issues. Jack reported the Sheriff department makes random patrols thru our community.
Vice President’s report:  Merritt Wiley – the phone directory has been delivered and if you see an error such as miss spelling of a name or a phone number is incorrect, please make a note of the change and drop it in the HOA wood mail box on the back wall of the bingo area. Another method to make changes, use the email address that is listed in the director. Recognition was given to Bob Clarke for the directory front cover photo. Next year the directory will be published after the HOA and TEMAC elections.
Acting Secretary’s report: Merritt Wiley – nothing to report.
Treasurer’s report: Bob Cartwright gave the treasurer’s report for the month of January 2018. Beginning balance for January was $20,937.18. Deposits made were $2,480.00 with total expenses of $1,500.82. Ending balance as of January 31, 2018 was $21,884.66. Currently we have 625 paid HOA members. Jack Nelson made a motion to accept the Treasurer’s report, seconded by Charlie Coupe and passed by all Board members.
Other Board Member reports:
Assistant Treasurer’s report: Jeff Donde: had nothing to report.

Committee Reports:    Don Toth asked for committee reports:
Amenities: Charlie Coupe Chairman – Communication Committee: Charlie Coupe Co-Chairman. The focus is to monitor the maintenance of the amenities set forth in our prospectus. Charlie reviewed the projects remaining on the books from 2017 that were moved to a future project. The 2018 capital expenses are included in the maintenance spreadsheet and will be posted on the bulletin board and website.  Communication:  We are using Constant Communications to send out all HOA emails to our residents. Currently, we have 889 homes in our email data base. For those who do not have computers and we are made aware, we will deliver the information to your home.
Sale of Homes committee:  Director, Judith Eckstein – There were nine homes sold in January. HTA Sales office sold six homes at an average price of $52,500.00. 4 Star sold two homes at an average price of $22,200.00 and Florida Mobile Homes sold one home for $39,500.00.
Comments and Suggestions committee: Director, Janet Peterson – Janet reviewed the process of using the Comments and Suggestions form. The forms are located in the club house bingo area next to the HOA bulletin board. Deposit your finished form in the HOA wood lock box located in the same area. All information is kept confidential. They are collected, numbered, and then reported monthly to Tammy. The comments and Tammy’s responses will be posted on the bulletin board for your review.

Don asked for a motion to accept all officers and committee reports. Jack Nelson made the motion to accept all officer and committee reports; it was seconded by Merritt Wiley and passed by all board members.

The two new board members were asked by Don Toth if there were any comments they would like to make. Bob Sisson was honored to be on the Board of Directors and would do all he could to help and support our community. Was amazed not all residents were members of the HOA. Don Scorse was honored to be on the Board and to serve our community. She is the chairperson for the new members committee and is working hard to have every resident in Tanglewood a paid member of the HOA.

Unfinished Business: None

Old Business: None

New Business: It was collectively decided by the Board to adjourn to the library to elect new Board officers.

Don Toth asked for a motion to adjourn the meeting at 8:10 P.M. Jack Nelson made a motion to adjourn the meeting; it was seconded by Judith Eckstein and passed by all Board members.

At this time, Don Toth asked for comments and discussion from non-director members of the association.

Respectively submitted,

Merritt Wiley Vice President, Acting Secretary