06 April 18, 2018

APRIL 18, 2018

The BOD meeting was called to order by Don Toth at 7:00 p.m. in the Tanglewood Club House/Bingo area.  The meeting opened with the Pledge of Allegiance.  Estimated number of residents in attendance was 184.  The Mission Statement was read.  In addition, all residents are welcome to attend the HOA monthly meetings, whether a current paid member or non-member.

Roll Call was taken by the secretary, Donna Scorse.  Those in attendance:  Don Toth, Jack Nelson, Bob Cartwright, Charlie Coupe, Judith Eckstein, Janet Peterson, Bob Sisson, Jeff Donde, Donna Scorse.  Merritt Wiley and Tom Guinther were excused.  There was a legal quorum.

Minutes from the BOD March meeting were sent out to all board members. A motion to approve without changes:  Bob Cartwright and support from Judith Eckstein.  Unanimous voice approval.


Numbers only for HTA sales team are as follows:
1st quarter: 27 homes sold, average sales price: $45,474
HTA sales team is interested in increasing the value of all homes.  A town hall meeting was held last week; facilitated by Jay Etherton.  The goal of the sales team is to “stop having Tanglewood be a surprise”. Ideas presented were to have an RV show this summer in the park, use of Facebook, more events scheduled for the summer months, stronger advertising to help move ideas forward.  Fifty-seven homes are now on the market for sale.  “People are coming in and are excited about Tanglewood”.

President read the most recent communications between the HOA and HTA (Ms. Gena Paugh).  President requested updates from Ms. Paugh on pending issues.  Ms. Paugh responded “As I stated in our meeting, we are getting another bid on the drainage portion of the roads.  The contractor is scheduled for later this week.  Until we have a contract on the drainage and roads, there is no update to put into writing.  As soon as we have all of the information we will give you something in writing as agreed last week”.  (All documentation on file).  It was stated that the forty-five day notice to file legal action against HTA has been exceeded.  Bob Sisson opinioned that the HOA should not back down with the law suit as nothing has been done.  He further stated that the pending law suit, once filed will get their attention.  The President then asked all board members for their opinion:
Judith Eckstein – in agreement to filing
Janet Peterson – in agreement to filing
Bob Sission – in agreement to filing
Donna Scorse – in agreement to filing
Jack Nelson – in agreement to filing
Charlie Coupe – in agreement to filing
Bob Cartwright – hesitant in filing
Jeff Donde – hesitant in filing
Tom Guinther – excused absence
Merritt Wiley – excused absence

Jack Nelson:  Jack and Tammy rode around the park last week and covered approximately 13 miles.  Streets and gates do not need a law suit to further progress as they should be regularly scheduled for repair and maintenance.  He further stated that additional street issues were identified and now have been included in the street report.
It is unclear if the gate issues will be resolved this year or be placed into next year’s budget.
The upgrade to the telephone and gate system is almost completed.  All cell phones, including out of area numbers will soon be on the system.  The new system will accept all area codes.  This will require each resident to register their cell phone number with the office so that it can be placed within their data base.  The proposed new gate system came under discussion by many in attendance.  If you buy a new car you will have to purchase a new sticker as they cannot be removed or reused.
The dog walking path/pedestrian path was discussed. A rough plan has been submitted to Tammy.  A complete circular walkway is not possible due to an already established drainage area.
HOA is still waiting on word as to what contractor will be used for the repair of the roads.  No definitive word from HTA as to when this project will be started.

Beginning March balance:  $22,634.22
Ending March balance: $17,775.02 (after all expenses)
Year 2016-2017 financials were reviewed and audited by Marilyn Schoppenhorst.  HOA had a clean audit and all balances agreed with bank statements.
We now have 693 paid HOA members.  That equates to 63% of the residents.
It was stated that a $100 gift certificate to Publix grocery store was given to Ms. Schoppenhorst as she was not paid for her time.

Secretary addressed the HOA presentation at next Monday morning coffee.  A donation was presented to the HOA by one of the residents requesting that it be used to sponsor coffee.

There has been a change in the reporting of HTA projects as they develop or progress through the year.  Tanglewood manager has informed the HOA that they will not provide a detailed progress of projects but only when projects are completed.

Sale statistics for the month of March are as follows:
HTA: 13 homes sold – average selling price $37,492
FOUR STAR: 7 homes sold – average selling price $42,000
FLORIDA MOBILE:  Nothing sold
More information on file as to the last quarter listing and sales prices.

Janet met with HTA and reviewed comments from #1815-#1833.  Adequate responses and/or resolutions were provided by HTA.  Data sheets with HTA responses have been placed within the HOA board/cabinet for perusal by all Tanglewood residents.

Motion to accept all reports passed by unanimous voice vote.

President spoke to having summer meetings. There was board discussion.   Motion placed on the table to continuing HOA meetings through the summer months by Janet Peterson.  It was stated in the motion that even if there is not a legal quorum during the summer months that a BOD meeting will be held updating our members with current information as applicable. It was further stated in the motion that continued communication between the BOD and members is crucial during the pending lawsuit. Motion to support came from Judith Eckstein.  Motion was passed by unanimous voice vote.

President spoke to the immediate filing of a law suit against HTA.  It is apparent that little or no progress has been made in the four areas that have been addressed with HTA.  Those areas are as follow:  Reduction in monthly lot rent to correct the current disparity between Tanglewood and comparable communities. Equalization of all Tanglewood “Outback” home rental increases to the same percentage as the majority of homes in Tanglewood; Immediate application of the final layer of pavement on all Tanglewood streets not having this asphalt  layer applied along with the institution of a continued maintenance program; and if a promised renovation project is unable to be completed in any year, the project should be moved to the front of the next year’s capital project list not summarily eliminated.  A motion was directed to each board member by Don as to their opinions of filing immediately.  Six board members in favor of immediate filing as follows: Jack Nelson, Charlie Coupe, Judith Eckstein, Janet Peterson, Donna Scorse, Bob Sisson.  This was done by individual voice vote. In abstention as follows: Bob Cartwright, Jeff Donde.  This was done by individual voice vote. Two board members with excused absences: Tom Guinther and Merritt Wiley.  A motion was made by Jack Nelson to accept the law suit and immediate filing; support came from Bob Sisson.  A voice vote supported this motion as stated above with Bob Cartwright and Jeff Donde in abstention.

MOTION TO ADJOURN:  Judith Eckstein; support by Jack Nelson

Upholstering of the main hall chairs may not be a good idea as they are ten years old and there are many chairs with weakened hardware.  Welding may be needed to reinforce.  Cost per chair may run $10.00

Respectfully Submitted,

Donna Scorse