08 June 20, 2018

JUNE 20, 2018

The BOD meeting was called to order by Don Toth at 7:00 p.m. in the Tanglewood Club House/Bingo area.  The meeting opened with the Pledge of Allegiance.  Estimated number of residents in attendance was 98.  The Mission Statement was read.  In addition, all residents are welcome to attend the HOA monthly meetings, whether a current paid member or non-member.
Roll Call was taken by the secretary, Donna Scorse.  Those in attendance:  Don Toth, Jack Nelson, Merritt Wiley, Charlie Coupe, Bob Sisson, Jeff Donde, Judith Eckstein.  The following board members had excused absences:  Bob Cartwright, Janet Peterson, Tom Gunthier.  There was a legal quorum.
Secretary minutes from May’s BOD meeting were sent out to all board members ahead of June’s meeting for review.  A motion to approve without changes:  Jack Nelson made motion to accept the minutes, supported by Judith Eckstein.  The May minutes were posted in the club house.

The lawsuit against HTA has been finalized, signed and filed yesterday.  The lawsuit is now public knowledge.
Summer HOA meetings will continue throughout the summer months.

HTA has the proposal for the upgrade on the gate system.  Cost is approximately $24K and at this time HTA has not made any commitment to upgrade the existing system.
A survey has been placed on Nextdoor.  This will run for three months.  Jack is looking for any residents who have experienced difficulty in entering the community to report it and their problems/concerns to the site on Nextdoor.  New batteries have been ordered by HTA for the main gate system and will be installed once received.  If changed regularly this might help reduce gate entry problems.
Advance Paving has been awarded the contract for the street upgrades.  Work will begin in August and run through the end of the year.  The current drain system will be addressed, along with street patching and the repair of any broken pipes.  There is no commitment from HTA to refinish or repave the final layer of blacktop.  Jack will stay on top of this and keep the HOA board and HOA members up to date.  The dog path will be started once HTA has received the necessary proof of insurance from the vendor.

Director Bob Sisson will report on this.

Comparable park information from both Polk County and Highlands County is being obtained by an independent firm hired to provide this current information.  Data Comp has provided us with 12 comparable park statistics; we will choose six to use as supporting documentation with the filed lawsuit, if needed in litigation.

Jeff presented the current financial report as Bob Cartwright, treasurer, was unavailable.
Balance at the end of May:      $19,327.
Deposits:                                           60.
Expenses:                                        724.
Data Comp/research                     1,662.
Balance on Hand:                     $17,001.

Secretary reported that park manager, Tammy Martin, (from the June 13th meeting with the HOA) stated that three new putting greens along with three new chipping boxes are being installed this month and completion should be within 45 days.
The walkway bids are in place.  HTA is waiting for proof of insurance from the selected vendor.  It was also mentioned that Cap X projects are not a promise.

Charlie has developed a new tracking system with information on home sales within the community.  The information will contain home location, selling price, the realtor and the date of property transfer.  This information is public, recorded in Highlands County and can be released to the residents.  The first report of this type will be released in mid-July and will show all home sales from January 1, 2018 through June 2018.  It will be emailed to all HOA members in pdf format for ease of printing.  Non- email HOA residents can pick up their copy at the next monthly meeting.  This data will be released each quarter by section, street name, price, realtor and lease date.  There will be a $10.00 per copy charge to non HOA members.
HTA previously stated that they would only update the HOA on projects that had been completed; however, they will now update us when projects are under contract, scheduled to begin and when finished.

There were 13 homes sold in May; HTA sold seven with an average selling price of $30,100.  Four Star sold six homes with an average selling price of $24,200.  There were no homes sold by Florida Mobile during the month of May.  There was a sale by owner with selling price of $40,000.  Comments and Suggestion number 1832, 1838 and numbers 1842 – 1845 were addressed between the HOA and HTA.  Responses were adequately address by Ms. Tammy Martin from HTA and have been resolved and/or are in the process.

Motion to accept Director’s reports made by Jack Nelson and supported by Bob Sisson.

The floor was opened to Pam Batey who addressed the parks hurricane readiness/preparedness.  Policies and procedures are in place and a full packet of information on this can be obtained from the main office.  It was mentioned that the HOA will be the main outlet of communication during a hurricane; through their email mailing list; which is the most current within the community.

Bob spoke to the filing of the lawsuit in Highland County; number: 18000335GCAXMX.  He is anticipating the possibility of a lengthy battle; it may take a full year but the HOA remains optimistic that this will be settled outside of a jury trial; however, the HOA has demanded a jury trial, if need be.  We are in full litigation.  HTA has 20 days in which to respond.  The HOA is anticipating that HTA will file a motion to dismiss.  The next phase in the lawsuit is “Discovery”.  HOA will be ready to provide all supporting documentation.  We have a “solid complaint”.  Other parks owned by HTA in the state of Florida will be watching this closely.  Every resident of Tanglewood is represented in this lawsuit. Unless it is settled by both sides it will go to trial.  HTA will have to debate that we are not overpaying on our lot rents.  The information obtained from Data Comp will be used as supporting documentation and will substantiate otherwise.  HTA cannot stop work within the community.  Our information/lawsuit is now public information.  We can’t freeze HTA assets nor can we freeze our lot rents in escrow.  There are two case laws that have been won in similar filings; 1995 and one in 2007.  The results of these lawsuits will be used for additional information, if necessary.

NEW BUSINESS:  There was no new business.

OLD BUSINESS:  There was no old business.

MOTION TO ADJORN:  Jeff Donde; support by Merritt Wiley

Respectfully Submitted

Donna Scorse

HOA Secretary