10 September 19, 2018


The BOD meeting was called to order by Don Toth at 7:00 p.m. in the Tanglewood Club House/Bingo area.  The meeting opened with the Pledge of Allegiance.  Estimated number of residents in attendance was 106.  The Mission Statement was read.  In addition, all residents are welcome to attend the HOA monthly meetings, whether a current paid member or non-member.
Roll call was taken by the secretary, Donna Scorse.  Those in attendance:  Don Toth, Jack Nelson, Judith Eckstein, Tom Gunthier, Donna Scorse, Bob Sisson, Charlie Coupe.  The following board members had excused absences:  Janet Peterson, Merritt Wiley and Bob Cartwright.  There was a legal quorum.
The minutes from the August meeting were taken by Jack Nelson, substituting for the secretary, Donna Scorse.  The minutes were not available for September’s meeting but will be placed in front of the Board for approval in October.

We continue to follow up on our mediation demands.  A meeting was held with the HOA attorney, Brandon Craig and their new partner, Scott R. LeConey.  Our current law suit was discussed and a date has been set for our case to heard by the Highlands County Court on October 4, 2018 at 2:00 p.m.  This meeting will be in closed session.  Our attorneys and the Judge have agreed on this date.  Our attorney, Mr. Craig, will consult with us in preparation.
Director and Assistant Treasurer, Jeff Donde, officially resigned from the Board effective August 25, 2018.  A unanimous voice accepted and supported Mr. Donde’s resignation.  His letter of resignation was given to the secretary, to be filed with this month’s minutes.

The spillway dam work is complete.
The retention pond is low but should start to fill when the aquifers in the area start to fill with new rain.
Work has started on the sidewalk from Carefree around to the sidewalk at the bash area.  Once completed, there will be a sidewalk around the club house.
Excavation Point is currently working on the streets.  Estimated completion is December 31, 2018.  Once completed, HTA will sent their analyst and possibly a street and highway specialist to access the next step.

Treasurer’s Report:  Jack addressed the Treasurer’s Report.  He is filling in until Bob Cartwright returns in October.
The balance at the end of August 20th:            $14,551.15
Deposits:                                                                 145.00
There were no expenses.
Balance on Hand:                                             $14,696.15

Vice President and Statutory Committee Report:  Tom Gunthier
A lawsuit meeting is scheduled in the Judge’s Chambers/Highland County on October 4, 2018 at 2:00 p.m.   This is being held in the Judge’s Chambers and not in a courtroom.  There will be no room for visitors.
Currently there is no need for the HOA to seek additional legal funding.  Membership and membership dues for 2019 must not be collected until November 1st.
The Zero Tolerance Policy that has been drafted has been reviewed by the HOA attorney.  It will go in front of the Board for approval at tonight’s meeting.  Our attorney has reviewed this policy and has made a recommendation for us to proceed.

Vice President: Merritt Wiley and Director Bob Cartwrignt have excused absences and no report was filed.

Secretary Report:  Donna Scorse
Donna addressed the idea of a sign-in membership sheet to be used at the start of every monthly meeting.  She explained the benefits.  Members were asked their opinion and their willingness to participate in signing in at every BOD meeting.  By show of hands all members present were willing to participate.

Charlie reported that HTA has stated the following projects to be completed: 150 new chairs for the community and craft rooms. Acoustiblok fencing for the pickleball courts.  New furniture for the veranda at the club house.  New truck for maintenance.  New chipping and putting greens installed.  New water heating system installed at the RV Comfort Station.  Duct replacement, clubhouse system 3.  New 4 ton A/C system installed clubhouse/community room.  Bayside Drive retention pond dam rebuilt.
Under contract and in process:  Walkway extension between the bash area and the sidewalk near the tennis courts.
In November an email will be sent out from the HOA to all  members requesting an update on their current contact information.  This for the purpose of updating the HOA membership directory.

August sales:  HTA:  Four homes were sold; average sale:  $53,22
Four Star:  Two homes were sold; average sale:  $28,000
Florida Homes:  One home sold; average sale:  $63,000
There were two private sales:  average sale:  $35,000

Bob indicated that the law firm retained by the HOA hired a trial attorney.  This attorney will be representing our interest in legal matters that pertain to possible trial work.

A motion to accept all reports by Judith Eckstein with support from Jack Nelson.

President Don Toth requested that Donna read the Zero Tolerance Policy.  Policy was read in its entirety.  There were no comments by the Directors.  The Zero Tolerance Policy was approved and will be added to our current By-Laws.  Motion to accept by Bob Sisson with support from Judith Eckstein.  Passed by unanimous voice vote.

NEW BUSINESS:  Donna Scorse read the proposed addition to the Bylaws HOA Harassment Policy. Don Toth called for a motion to accept this change. Motion to accept the change was made by Judith Eckstein. All present board members voted to accept the change to the bylaws. The change will be effective in thirty days.

OLD BUSINESS:  No old business

Motion to adjourn by Jack Nelson and support from Bob Sisson.

Respectfully Submitted,

Donna Scorse

HOA Secretary