02 February 20, 2019

FEBRUARY 20, 2019

The BOD meeting was called to order by President, Don Toth, at 7:00 p.m. in the Tanglewood Club House/Bingo area.  The meeting opened with the Pledge of Allegiance.  Estimated number of residents in attendance was approximately 293.  The Mission Statement was read.  In addition, all residents are welcome to attend the HOA monthly meetings, whether a current paid member or non-member.

Roll call was taken by the secretary, Donna Scorse.  Those in attendance:  Don Toth, Merritt Wiley, Jack Nelson, Charlie Coupe, Bob Sisson, Tom Gunthier, Judith Eckstein, Janet Peterson, Donna Scorse and Bob Cartwright.  All Directors were present.  There was a legal quorum.

Motion to approve the January meeting minutes with one change; A By-law committee will be established to review the existing By-Laws.  Motion to accept with change made by Judith with support from Janet.

Tom Gunthier addressed the membership about our Annual meeting.  All six Directors who terms have expired expressed an interest in remaining on the Board.  There was one vacancy.  Three applications were received for consideration.  The Nominating committee reviewed all three applications and vetted the three interested applicants.  One application was received too late for consideration; one application was from a prior board member.  The third application was submitted by a new resident; Mr. Jim Inch; civil road engineer.  A hand vote was taken by the Board to support the re-election of the six existing Directors.  It was unanimous.

Mr. Jim Inch was voted on as a new Board member.    Mr. Inch was invited to sit with the Board.

Director Bob Sisson addressed the membership.  He expressed interest in changing one of the By-laws to reflect that the evenings election process be conducted in front of the membership and not take place after the meeting.  Mr. Sisson had submitted to the secretary a document expressing his interest in seeking support for this potential motion.  President Toth stated that he had contacted the HOA attorney and that the five day rule of legal notification was not met.  There was a weekend and holiday involved.    President Toth further stated that the HOA attorney expressed an interest in wanting to review all possible By-Law changes.

Treasurer, Bob Cartwright provided a year end report.  Our ending balance as of January 31, 2019 was:  $27,177.09.  To date there are 611 paid members – 55.8% of the residents.  There are 118 addresses that have never paid HOA membership dues.  There was a motion on the floor by Jack Nelson with support from Merritt Wiley to pay the existing bills.

A report from the HOA attorney was read by President Toth and reviewed by Director, Bob Sisson.

Director Jack Nelson reported that Excavation Point is preparing their report on the roads and that it should be available for review within the next few weeks.

Director Merritt Wiley stated that the phone directory will go to print within the next few days and that distribution will be following soon.  Interested members who have previously volunteered and new volunteers will be contacted soon to assist with personal distribution.

The new HOA reflective vests will be sold at Monday morning coffee for $10.00 (ten dollars).  Donna will assist with this.

Director Charlie Coupe stated that there are no new projects to report on.

Director Judith Eckstein reported on home sales.  HTA sold three homes for an average of $25,000.  Four Star Realty sold one home for $65,900.  No sales were reported on Florida Mobile.  There were two homes sold by “owner” with no sale price listed at this time.

Director Janet Peterson spoke to the Comments and Suggestions.  Numbers from #1901 – #1913 have been addressed with HTA.  The community manager, Tammy Martin, has either completed the issues and/or is satisfactorily working on them.

Director Jack Nelson, with support from Merritt Wiley voted to accept the Director’s reports.

There was no Old Business.

Motion to adjourn by Donna Scorse with support from Judith Eckstein.

Respectfully Submitted,

Donna Scorse

HOA Secretary