03 BOD Officers Election February 20, 2019

FEBRUARY 20, 2019

 The Annual Election of Officers meeting was called to order by then President, Don Toth.  The meeting was held at the home of Director, Charlie Coupe.  Meeting was called to order at approximately 8:30 p.m.

 Roll call was not formally taken, but all Directors of the Homeowners Association were present.

 President Toth opened the meeting taking nominations from the Board for the following positions:  President, Vice President, Treasurer and Secretary.

 Secretary, Donna Scorse, immediately withdrew her name for consideration as President. 

 Motion went to the floor for nominations for President.  Bob Sisson nominated Don Toth for President.  Mr. Toth declined.

 Don Toth nominated Charlie Coupe for President with support from Director, Merritt Wiley.  Unanimous voice vote confirmed Charlie Coupe for President.

 Merritt Wiley nominated Don Toth for Vice President with support from Director,  Jack Nelson.  Unanimous voice vote confirmed Don Toth for Vice President.

 Tom Guinther nominated Bob Cartwright for Treasurer with support from Judith Eckstein.  Unanimous voice vote confirmed Bob Cartwright for Treasurer. 

 Don Toth nominated Donna Scorse for Secretary with support from Janet Peterson.  Unanimous voice vote confirmed Donna Scorse for Secretary.  It was asked of Director, Donna, if she would handle the treasurer’s duties in the absence of Director, Bob Cartwright, when he returns “up north”.  Ms. Scorse stated that she would be happy to assist.

Director, Bob Sisson, then asked for permission to address the By-Law proposed change from the earlier public meeting.  He spoke to his reasoning behind the proposed change.  An in-depth discussion followed.  There was a difference of opinion as to the By-Law interpretation of the 5 (five) days needed to legally file such paperwork.  Director Sisson was upset with the Board in regards to the way in which they handled the proposed By-Law change.

 Respectfully Submitted,

Donna Scorse
HOA Secretary