You are allowed to feed song birds, Cardinals, Mocking Birds, basically any bird that comes to a feeder, and Hummingbird.
It is against Florida law to feed any bird listed on that state’s endangered or threatened list unless the resident obtains a special permit to do so. The brown pelican, grasshopper sparrow, Florida scrub jay and the ivory-billed woodpecker are examples of birds that humans cannot feed.
There are 36 species of birds on the Florida protected list, most you will not see in Tanglewood or have opportunity to feed them. Most are Marsh,Everglades birds or birds of pray like Osprey, & Eagles
Bird feeders may aid in the spread of disease among different species of birds. For this reason, the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission recommends scrubbing all bird feeders twice a month with a solution containing one part bleach to 10 parts water.
 If the feeders begin to attract bears or sandhill cranes, residents must stop feeding until these animals stop coming to the location.

Arctic peregrine falcon
Bachman’s warbler
Cape Sable seaside sparrow
Florida grasshopper sparrow
Ivory-billed woodpecker
Kirtland’s warbler
Red-cockaded woodpecker
Snail kite
Wood stork

Audubon’s crested caracara
Bald eagle
Florida sandhill crane
Florida scrub jay
Least tern
Piping plover
Roseate tern
Southeastern American kestrel
Southeastern snowy plover
White-crowned pigeon
Whooping crane