12 November 2019


Nov 20, 2019

The BOD meeting was called to order by President, Charlie Coupe, at 7:00 p.m. in the Tanglewood Club House/Bingo area. The meeting opened with the Pledge of
Allegiance. Estimated number in residents in attendance was approximately 175. In addition, all home owners are welcome to attend the HOA monthly meetings, whether a current paid member or non-member.
Roll call was taken by the secretary, Marianne Jones. Those in attendance: Charlie Coupe, Don Toth, Jack Nelson, Bob Cartwright, Janet Peterson, and Marianne Jones. Excused absence: Jim Inch, Bob Sisson, and Judith Eckstein. There was a legal quorum.

The Mission Statement was read.

PRESIDENT’S REPORT: Charlie Coupe. The agenda for this month is the status of
our lawsuit against HomeTown America and the new process for election of board directors.

The election process has changed to make it a fairer process. A By-law committee was created made up of volunteer residents with Tom Guinther as Chair. Their main focus was to rewrite the By-laws creating a secret ballot process to ensure all applicants would have a fair, confidential, and secure process. Our attorney has validated the changes and the board will vote on the changes tonight. Don thanked the committee for the work to make these changes.

The Minutes from the October 20, 2019 meeting were approved without changes by Don Toth and seconded by Jan Peterson. The Secretary will post the minutes to the Bulletin Board and to our website as accepted.

Report of Officers and Committee Chairs:

Lawsuit status and By-law changes
On September 6, 2019, a court hearing was convened before Judge Ward at Highlands County Courthouse. The first motion to attach our petition to our lawsuit was approved. With regard to the second motion to allow the HOA to represent all residents of Tanglewood, we are still waiting for approval and remain optimistic. No word to date.

The change suggested by the By-law committee related to the number of directors on the board and the nominating procedures under Article Vi, section I. Secretary, Marianne Jones, came up to read the changes proposed.


WHEREAS, Tanglewood Homeowners Association of Sebring, Inc. (“the
Association”), is a mobile home owners association incorporated pursuant the laws of F.S. 723 by virtue of Articles of Incorporation accepted by the State of Florida Division of Corporations on February 20, 2012; and

WHEREAS, the Board of Directors (“the Board”) of the Association has proposed an amendment to the By-Laws of the Association by a majority vote; and

WHEREAS, the Board has transmitted the proposed amendment to the President of the Association; and

WHEREAS, a special meeting of the Members of the Association was held on
October 16, 2019, pursuant to ARTICLE XIV, of the By-Laws of the Association required the notice of the meeting to contain a statement that amendments to the By-Laws shall be considered; and

WHEREAS, the By-laws of the Association will be amended by a majority vote of
the Board of Directors of this Association at any duly noticed regular or special meeting before the membership meeting in January of each year, pursuant to ARTICLE XIV; and

Section 1. NUMBER shall be revoked and replaced with the following:

Section 1. NUMBER. The business and affairs of the Association shall be
managed and governed by a board of directors composed of not less than five
(5) nor more than nine (9) directors, none of whom need to be a resident of the
State of Florida, but all of whom must be members of the Association in good

Section 1. NOMINATION and Section 2.

ELECTION, shall be revoked and replaced with the following:

Section 1. NOMINATION. Nomination forms for current vacant board positions,
as well as for upcoming vacant positions of current board members, shall be
submitted to any board member prior to the Membership Meeting held in January
of each year. Nominations may be submitted by current members of the Board
whose terms are expiring, as well as homeowners not currently board members,
but who are paid members of the HOA.
Nominations from the floor will be accepted at the Membership Meeting, at which
time a completed Nomination Form shall be required to be submitted. No nominations for Board Vacancies shall be accepted after the Membership

Section 2. ELECTION. Completed nomination forms will be disseminated to
Homeowners by email, for use in voting for Board Members at the Annual
Membership Meeting, held in February of each year.

Election of the Board of Directors shall be by secret written ballet unless this
method is waived by a majority of members in attendance at the Annual
Membership Meeting.

Marianne asked for a motion to accept these changes. Don made a motion to accept changes; Jack Nelson seconded. Vote to accept was unanimous.

Three positions will be open every year. A copy of these changes will be posted on the Bulletin Board for the residents. It will be on the website as well.
Our By-laws, Article 9, Section 2, will remain as is, as reiterated by our former Attorney, Lee J. Colling and our present Attorney, Brandon Craig.

Election of Officers: “The election of officers shall take place at the first meeting
of the Board of Directors which shall immediately follow the adjournment of each
annual meeting and except for the election of Officers, no business of the Board
will be conducted. Attendance and participation at this meeting shall be
restricted to Board members only.” As stated in Florida statute 723.
The President will discuss the procedure for the annual members meeting in February as well as the voting process.


The beginning balance in our account as of October 1, 2019 was $17,717.63. One bill was paid to the attorney at the end of October for $2635.00; we had no income. The ending balance as of October 31, 2019 was $15,082.62.

Legal fees for changing the By-laws cost $600. Upcoming dues: Please pay by check or money order, no cash. The new dues form will be mailed in early December in a different color so as not to get confused with other
papers. We’re holding off as late in the year as we can so our 3rd class mail can be mailed to as many people as possible with snowbirds arriving, without ending in the post office trash box. We need your name and house number with email addresses as well as your correct phone number, to keep our records and the phone directory correct. Jack Nelson made a motion to accept the Treasurer’s Report, and was seconded by Don Toth.

Upcoming Nominations and Board Elections Process: Our By-laws have been amended to allow for all Tanglewood homeowners who have paid their dues by January 31, 2020, to vote for the board members. The amended By-laws were approved and adopted tonight. The Board consists of nine members; three members will stand for election each year on a cycle of three years. This ensures, for continuity, that six members will continue on the Board until the next election. In February 2020 two new board members and one appointed member will stand for election as well as any new nominations.

Residents should make their decisions based on the candidate nominations posted and vote for the most qualified applicants. Media and political displays will not be allowed.

Nomination forms must be turned in by or before the January 15th membership meeting. If there are nominations from the floor during that meeting, the nominee must fill out the nomination form during the January meeting and file it with the secretary at that meeting. This will be your final opportunity to file a nomination form. No nominations will be accepted after January 15th.

All nomination forms will be logged in by the Secretary and a receipt will be given to the nominee. The forms will then be scanned and emailed to all residents with email addresses. Also, all nomination forms will be copied and posted on our HOA bulletin board.

The candidate’s names will be announced at the January meeting after all nominations have been received. Candidates may give an oral summary of their experience and qualifications at this meeting. If you wish to vote in the February election, your dues must be paid on or before January 31st and must be in the hands of the Treasurer by or before 10:00pm on that date.

The election will be held on Wednesday, February 19, 2020, from 5:00-7:00pm.
The election process at the February meeting will be as follows:

1. We will verify that you are a homeowner and paid member of the HOA as of
January 31, provide a ballot and direct you to the voting tables.

2. At the conclusion of the voting, ballots will be tallied and the tally will be double checked and recorded. When all the numbers tie out and are believed to be correct, we will announce the newly elected board members.

3. The newly elected directors, along with the existing board will then meet in
private to elect four officers to serve until the next election cycle in February of

4. We need 20 volunteers for election support. A sign-up sheet is available here
tonight with the Secretary and will also be available by the bulletin board.
Volunteers cannot be current or former board members, candidates for the
board, or spouses or relatives of any of the aforementioned.

We encourage you to fill out and submit a nomination for a position on the board.
Nomination forms are available here tonight after the meeting from me and also will be by our bulletin board in the back of the room.
Any questions will be answered when the floor is opened for discussion after
adjournment of this meeting.


Regarding the upcoming election, there are two director’s positions plus an appointed position, that of Marianne. We won’t know what those positions will be until after January 15. Directors can retire; there could be a change in the board position; if there is a change in a director we have to appoint someone else. At the January meeting, we will know what positions are open and we will make those announcements. Another request came up about absentee ballots. We won’t know the positions open until January 15 and there is such a short time span, it would be very difficult to deal with absentee ballots. The issue will be discussed at the December workshop.



Roads: Tanglewood is working on it, fixing and patching, making joints on the drain system, what they’re doing after that, I do not know because they’re being very closed mouthed. It looks to me as if they’re prepping to do a repavement, but let’s not count on that. We’ll wait and see what happens.

NextDoor: Jack is the only member of the board who monitors NextDoor. Be careful what you say because the park manager happens to be a resident of the park and she can be on NextDoor.
Jack commented on the dangers of rabies in raccoons and feral cats and that it is illegal to feed the wild animals. Feeding Sandhill Cranes can result in a $150 fine. Keep your distance.
During mating season, don’t walk your dogs along the edge of the water.

Alligators wait for prey to come along and they move at 30 mph. Stop putting food out.
If you don’t want to report someone, call me. I’ll do it.

Security: Car was sitting at the gate waiting to be clicked in. Pam Batey relayed a story about two characters walking in Dreamcatcher, stopping, and checking out garages that were open. They know people will let them in at the gate. Use some common sense.
Don’t let people in the gates.


1. Trouble finding neighborhood entrances in the dark: there have been requests
for lighting up the signs. There is no power available in those islands where the
signs are located; and there are irrigation lines to avoid. Whistle Stop is the
worst. They will try solar lights at Whistle Stop.

2. Gates are sporadic: Solutions are being considered.

3. Roads: repairs are currently taking place.

4. Trees and shrubs being trimmed: they look nice now. They’re on a schedule.
Darlene has suggestions:
Flags/signs: Nothing political. The word Trump is ok but if there’s a year on it,
that’s political. .No solicitation signs whatsoever. Flags from countries are ok;
American flag should be on top. Holiday/seasonal flags are ok. No solicitation by
the pool, at block parties, etc.

Sales: Estate sales/garage sales are okay at your house but everything must be
inside. NOT on your carport. Can put a sign by your driveway but only during the
hours for the sale.

Don’t feed feral cats. Very dangerous.

Trees: you need management permission to cut down a big tree. They are for
beautification. Replace removed trees with palm trees, not shrubs.
Opening gates for visitors: don’t give out the code. Give your cell phone number
to the office. They will connect it to your address. Visitors punch in your address,
it rings on your phone, punch 9 and the gate opens. Back gate is for residents

DON TOTH: We have a number of vests leftover. $10 each, 22 available.

Unfinished or new business:
Jack regarding gates: With a bar code system, you can’t give the code to
anybody. It’s a sticker on your windshield. Clickers need batteries. Codes have to be reprogrammed. Code was posted at Pizza Hut! Be cautious in giving out
Golf carts have the same key and can simply be driven away.

Jack will talk to HTA about flying flags for armed services with dates on them.

CHARLIE COUPE: Call for adjournment. Don made motion to adjourn; Bob
Respectfully Submitted,
Mary Lee Cipriano, Asst to Secretary