13 December 2019


December 18, 2019

The BOD meeting was called to order by President, Charlie Coupe, at 7:00 p.m. in the Tanglewood Club House/Bingo area. The meeting opened with the Pledge of
Allegiance. Estimated number in residents in attendance was approximately 101. The Mission Statement was read. In addition, all residents are welcome to attend the HOA monthly meetings, whether a current paid member or non-member.
Roll call was taken by the assisting recording secretary, Mary Lee Cipriano. Those in attendance: Charlie Coupe, Don Toth, Jack Nelson, Bob Cartwright, Judith Eckstein,and Janet Peterson. Excused were: Jim Inch, Bob Sisson and Marianne Jones.

The minutes from the November 2019 meeting were approved without changes by Jack Nelson and seconded by Don Toth. The Secretary will post the November minutes on our Bulletin Board and Jack Nelson will post them on our website.

The agenda for this meeting is the status of the lawsuit against HTA and the new
process for the election of Board of Directors.
The election of the HOA officers is in progress. We have election volunteers headed by Tony Piermarini.
The director nominations are cut off as of January 15, 2020. There are
three positions open for election: two current directors and one appointed. The director names will be released on the 15 th of January, 2020, at the members meeting. It could change due to director retirements.

There are nomination forms available on the office wall in the Bingo area; there are also forms available here at the table. If there are more than three candidates for the positions, there will be a ballot election on the 19 th of February, 2020 in the Clubhouse from 5:00-7:00pm; else the current three directors will be elected by majority of the Board of Directors.

At 7pm, the normal monthly meeting will begin and all residents may attend as usual. I want to thank the Board of Directors for all their work. They are a cohesive group that participates equally to represent all residents. Thank you very much.

Regarding the minutes of the November 2019 meeting: are there any changes or
discussions? Since there is none, could I have a motion to accept the November 2019 minutes? Motion to accept, Jack Nelson; second, Don Toth. All in favor, raise your hands. We have a majority. The motion is carried. Will the Secretary please post the November 2019 minutes to the Bulletin Board as accepted?


Legal Committee Report, Vice President, Don Toth: on Lawsuit status

We’re still waiting for Judge Ward to come to a decision following our September 6, 2019 hearing at the courthouse. We’ve had various discussions with our attorney who advised to leave it alone; the judge has a very busy and full schedule. Bob Sission, Director on our Board, said let sleeping bears lie. Our attorney advises to wait until after the holiday; after that, the attorney will ask for an update. The motion is for the court to allow the HOA to be the legal representation for the entire Tanglewood Community in our lawsuit, whether paid members or not. With that answer, we can proceed with the lawsuit.

We as homeowner residents of Tanglewood convened in 2012 and formed the HOA under Florida laws and statutes under legal guidance. We are your representation today in the pending lawsuit. The lawsuit case number and timeline is available for your perusal here after this meeting. We will take any questions on this or any other concerns after our adjournment this evening.

Treasurer’s Report: Bob Cartwright

Beginning balance as of Nov 1, 2019 of $15,082.62
Expenses to Merritt Wiley, Office Depot, of $162.43
America Express credit card. Expenses of $7.40
Income, checks and cash, $585.00.
Ending balance Nov 30, 2019 was $15,497.80

Two checks without membership form. We are missing data from house addresses
3924 and 1970.
Dues information forms were sent to all residents or those formerly at that address by
US mail. Back of mailing says 2020 HOA dues statement.

Processing dues: 154 dues payments have been received along with one associate. An
associate is someone in the RV area who decided they want to support us. Please write
your information, your phone numbers and email addresses, as clearly as you possibly
can. If we can’t read the phone number, the old one will stay in the directory. Need to
know your exact information for email. Snowbirds, please furnish your northern address every year in the event we need to reach you in case of emergency. Also please include both names on that form. If one name is missing, I would assume they passed away. Please be accurate as to the household members. Please complete these forms every year.

Motion to accept Treasurer’s Report,Jan; second, Judith. All in favor say aye.

Safety and Security Report: Jack Nelson

Warning: Report from Adelaide Shores had a group of people going around their park
the other night checking cars. They called the Sheriff’s Department who arrived within three minutes. It was a group from Bartow who hit other parks in Bartow that night. They look for cars that are unlocked, ransack the cars and glove boxes. If you see strange cars here, older vehicles, young people in the cars, be cautious, and report them.


Walkers: please do not wear dark clothing. You need to wear light clothing and your vest and carry a light.

Real Estate Sales: Judith Eckstein
October 2019: HTA 4 sold Average $36,225.
4 Star 5 sold Average $43,200
November 2019 HTA 2 sold Average $71,500
4 Star 4 sold Average $36,375
Private 1 sold Average $49,900

We will put together a complete report for all sales of 2018/2019. We’ll do a comparison and report on that.

Nominations/Voting Process:

Janet Peterson Comments and Suggestions: Nomination Process and Voting: Coming up in February. By Laws have been amended to allow all homeowners who have paid their dues by January 31 to vote in the upcoming election. The board consists of nine members. Three will be up for re- election if they choose to be re-elected on a three-year cycle. You can nominate someone or even yourself. Forms are here on the table.

In February 2020, two board members and one appointed person will stand for election, as well as any new nominees. There are people on the board whose homes are for sale. If they sell, they are not allowed to be on the board. They can be on a committee and work for the board but not be on the board itself.

Residents make their decisions based on the nominations and vote for the most qualified. Media and political displays will not be allowed.
Nomination forms must be turned in on or before January 15. If there are nominations
from the floor at that meeting, the nominee must fill out a form and file it with the
secretary that evening. All nomination forms will be logged by the secretary and a
receipt will be given. The forms will be scanned and emailed to all residents that have an email address. All forms will also be posted on the bulletin board in the back. The candidate’s names will be announced at the January meeting after all nominations have been received. If you are nominated, you can give us a summary of your experience and qualifications at that meeting. If you wish to vote your dues must be paid on or before January 31.

The election will be held on February 19. Voting will be from 5:00-7:00pm with volunteers checking that all is done correctly. The results will be announced that evening.

The newly elected directors as well as the existing board members will meet that evening in private to elect four officers, President, Vice President, Treasurer and Secretary, to serve until the next election in 2021. Fill out a
nomination form if you are interested.

Twenty volunteers needed for the voting process. Please sign up tonight. Volunteers cannot be current or former board members, candidates or spouses, or relatives. Tony Piermarini will head up the election.

Comments and Suggestions: Janet Peterson

Darlene has forms at the office but please use our forms for Comments and
Suggestions. We have all the forms going back to 2012 when we were first organized.
We don’t want the park to go “down” and want to keep everything as beautiful as it is.
Use our system so we have records.
We believe that every person’s comments and suggestions are important, It is our
intention to work with management to keep Tanglewood a safe, pleasant and desirable place to live.

We want to thank you for using our process.
New Residents: Comments and Suggestions forms are in the back of the room in the wall file. Your names and numbers are kept confidential and only used for the purpose of contacting you for clarification, and getting back to you with the manager’s response. Feel free to use the back of the form or attach pictures.

1) The clock at the pool had the wrong time; it was fixed before we talked.
2) Food trucks requested to come back. Darlene will let us know if they get someone.
3) Potholes on Safari Hunt, work order is in on that. Let me know what its done.
4) Resident garage sale: had non-residents selling stuff. I will talk with Bill Rulli or Greg Plank to check rules and policies. Have to draw the line on past residents.
5) Renting homes: some people are buying several homes here to rent them out.
Prospectus says you can rent your property one time in a three year period. This is nota rental community. Pressure on the renters as well who were told to say you’re relatives and staying for a couple of weeks.
6) Concern about 4 Star ad in the paper with Tanglewood gate code, 7827. Worry is that anyone can see that ad, dial the code and get into the park.

Communications and Amenities: Charlie Coupe
We have 44 blocked addresses: CenturyLink and Embarq email providers are being blocked by Constant Contact.2020 Directories, please put changes to address and email in drop box.

Vending machines at Activity Center are empty and not plugged in. Charlie sent an email to Darlene.
Jack Nelson: Comcast people have been soliciting in the park. This is not allowed. They are trespassing. Call the sheriff.

Motion to adjourn meeting:
Judith; second, Don. All in favor say aye. Unanimous.

Respectfully Submitted,
Mary Lee Cipriano, Asst to Secretary