20 JANUARY 2020

JANUARY 15, 2020

Meeting called to order by President, Charlie Coupe, at 7:00pm. Only Tanglewood home owners may attend this meeting; all others should exit now.  Please silence phones. We will now do the Pledge of Allegiance. 

Secretary, Marianne Jones, called attendance: Present are Charlie Coupe, Don Toth (excused for now, will arrive late), Bob Cartwright, Judith Eckstein, Jim Inch, Jack Nelson, Janet Peterson, Bob Sisson and Marianne Jones. We have a quorum. 

Mission Statement: It is our intent as the duly elected Board of Directors to legally serve all home owners in Tanglewood by intervening on their behalf to enhance the livability, property values, health, safety and security of our community. We will ensure that all prospectuses, Florida Statute 723 and all applicable laws of the State are adhered to. This HOA Board of Directors Meeting is open to all members who are resident home owners of Tanglewood community only. This is the January 2020 meeting.

Please hold all questions until after adjournment of the board meeting. 


  • The status of the lawsuit against Home Town America
  • Director nominations for the election to the board of directors
  • Director election process
  • Resident information

Tonight is a major change for all of us. There will be a secret ballot election for three directors next month on February 19. Voting is crucial to maintain the integrity of the Board of Directors. The Nominees’ applications will be e-mailed to all residents and posted on the bulletin board in the Bingo area. Study the nominee’s qualifications for your decision and vote for your choice. The results will be presented after the normal meeting. Marianne Jones will now speak on election specifics.

Good evening. I am Marianne Jones, Secretary of the HOA board. I am going to speak to you about the nominations and board election process.

Our by-laws have been amended to allow for all Tanglewood homeowners who have paid their dues by January 31st to vote for the board members. The amended by-laws were approved and adopted at our board meeting in November. 

The Board consists of nine members. Three members stand for election each year on a cycle of three years. This ensures, for continuity, that six current board members will continue on the board until the next election. The current Board members standing for election are:

  • Judith Eckstein, Director, responsible for Real Estate analyzing and she is a commercial insurance professional.
  • Charlie Coupe, President, responsible for Director interactions via discussion workshops, monthly meeting agenda and the email communication system.
  • Marianne Jones, Appointed Secretary, responsible for maintaining corporate documents, recording and printing monthly minutes, setting up the dues notices mailing, board election process and providing expertise on corporate processes.

Nomination forms are available in the slots in the back of this room by the comments and suggestions box. This is your final opportunity to file a nomination form. No nominations will be accepted after tonight, January 15. 

All nomination forms will be logged in by the Secretary and a receipt will be given to the nominee. The forms will then be scanned and emailed to all residents with an email address. Also, all nomination forms will be copied and posted on our HOA bulletin board.

This announcement is directed at nominees interested in joining the board. We have sent out emails on the requirements to become an HOA Director. It is possible that not all received it. I will now restate those requirements:

  • Must be a Tanglewood home owner and a paid HOA member for 2020
  • Must not currently be, or ever have been, associated with Hometown America or any of its subsidiaries. 
  • Must be willing to help protect the safety, property values and well-being of our Tanglewood Community
  • Must sign an affidavit within 90 days of being elected, that you have read and understand Florida Statute 723 and DBPR Florida Administrative Code 61B, Florida Prospectus, Articles of Incorporation, lease agreements, rules and regulations and HOA by-laws. Must work to uphold such documents and policies and faithfully discharge your fiduciary responsibility to the Association members.

The above items must be understood pursuant to HOA by-laws Article VII, Nomination and Election and Qualification of Directors.  For non-compliance after 90 days, you will be suspended from the board until compliance is achieved. The board may temporarily fill the vacancy during the period of suspension.

The election process at the February meeting will be as follows:

  • We will verify that you are a homeowner and paid member of the HOA as of January 31, 2020, provide a ballot and direct you to the voting tables.
  • At the conclusion of the voting, ballots will be tallied and tally will be double checked and recorded. When all numbers tie out and are believed to be correct, we will announce the newly elected board members.
  • The newly elected directors, along with the existing board, will then meet in private to elect four officers to serve until the next election cycle in February 2021.
  • We have 20 volunteers signed up for election support who are unrelated third parties to board members, former board members, candidates for the board or spouses and relatives of any of the aforementioned. A training session will be scheduled for the volunteers in February prior to the election. Tony Piermarini has agreed to be our election supervisor.

Following are the skills that help the board achieve its goals: Computer experience using Microsoft Word Press; spread sheets; personal emails; ability to maintain HOA webpage and use Constant Contact;  ability to maintain HOA email database with email creation; also ability to maintain member spread sheet data based with member listings and phone directories; interpersonal skills of active listening; teamwork; responsibility; dependability; leadership; motivation; flexibility; patience and empathy. Plan on spending a lot of personal time on research, meetings with HTA, HOA board workshops, meetings with lawyers, county departments; other HTA communities, government organizations, and data research.  Also be available for HOA special projects, including fund raising events. 

After the adjournment of the meeting tonight, the nominees will be announced and asked to come forward to present themselves, state why they want to be a director and their qualifications. Each nominee will have two minutes to speak. 

Any questions will be answered when the floor is opened for discussion after adjournment of this meeting.

Regarding the minutes of the December 2019 meeting, are there any changes or discussion? (No).   Can I have a motion to accept the December 2019 minutes. Motion-Don; 2nd, Judith.  All in favor raise your hands. We have a majority; the motion is carried. Would the Secretary please post the December 2019 minutes to the Bulletin Board and to our website as accepted. Thank you.


LEGAL COMMITTEE: DON TOTH report (read by Charlie Coupe)
There is no decision by Judge Ward on our motion September 6, 2019. The motion is for the Tanglewood HOA to be the legal representation for the entire Tanglewood community of residents in our lawsuit against HTA. When the HOA was formed under the direction of our then attorney, Lee J. Colling, who is one of the authors of Florida Statute 723, all legal guidelines were adhered to. We believe that our motion should prevail. It has been over four months that we are awaiting this decision. We have been advised by our attorneys that this delay is normal and this may be a good sign that research of our claim may be the delay. We cannot go forward before a decision is in our favor.

Beginning balance December 1, 2019 was $15,497.80. Expenses for the month totaled $1,115.10 including payments to our attorney to change the bylaws. On the plus side we had $6,690.00 deposited including a $2000 donation from someone who wishes to remain anonymous. Ending balance December 31, 2019 was $20,732.70.

Paid to date membership total is 345 plus 1 associate member, or 31.4%. We have additional dues coming in tonight. Last month was 154. Total membership from last year was 647.

Member Information:  We are now being hampered in obtaining information on all new owners moving into the park. From information recently given to me, I was able to update 14 addresses. Five of those were new residents in 2019 who were never reported to the HOA.

  • Currently I’m trying to determine ownership of three homes 
  • In two of those homes, the owner has passed away and new names appear on the lamp posts but those names have not been passed on to the HOA.
  • It’s important for you to provide all information requested on the dues form.
  • To date we have had 85 changes that we have obtained from that form including phone numbers, email addresses and new owners. This is not counting the numerous emails received via the HOA email account advising phone number or name changes. 
  • Paul McCann on Going to the Sun sent his information form without a check. If you know him, please advise.

The number of nomination forms turned in tonight is four. Three are current board members and one is a new nominee.  If you have a nomination form, please turn it in as soon as the meeting is adjourned. Nominees will be announced after this meeting is adjourned and all will have two minutes to speak and to state their qualifications.

This is a follow up to Bob Cartwright’s report. Unfortunately, we can no longer provide you with the pricing of home sales since Darlene has decided not to provide that information. They are saying it’s a privacy issue though we’ve been doing it since 2017.  I think it’s important to know what manufactured homes are selling for and I’m going to give you a website address. HTA lists just about every home that’s for sale on this site. The address is mhvillage.com. Enter zip code 33872 to see homes for sale. It is only for manufactured home sales. You can see houses, street addresses and prices through this site. 

Nothing to report.

Meeting with Darlene who will no longer provide us with sales information.  New buyers will have to sign a form to indicate if they are willing to share the information, or not. Judith argued that her report only gives averages, no addresses or specific sale prices. And Darlene agreed to share that information. That’s what I’ll be reporting on for December and that’s how it will be from now on, but you will see no difference because it’s exactly the same as what I did before.

December: HTA had 4 homes sold, average price was $45,000.
Four Star Realty had 3 homes sold, average price was $46,100.
Two private sales, average price was $22,000.

Overview of 2019 shows prices seem to be higher. January 1 – December 31, 2019
# of Homes Sold Price Range
1 $6000
4 $15000-  $18000
20 $21000 – $29000
27 $30000 – $39000
15 $40000 – $49000
5 $52000 – $59000
3 $60000s
10 $70000s
2 $90000s
2 Over $100,000

Another topic: be aware.  A woman living alone in Tanglewood had two gentlemen come to her house telling her the office sent them to go into her house to see if everything was alright. She called a neighbor and found the men on the roof.  She said if you don’t get down right now, I’m taking the ladder away. They came down and left with a friend in a truck. Be aware. Keep eyes and ears alert and lock everything up.

We had a comment last month about someone owning multiple homes and renting them out multiple times during the year. Darlene says absolutely not. It’s hard to follow this up without more information, if the person who put in that comment or suggestion give us additional information, it would help us to track this down.  Contact Darlene or resubmit the form with additional information to our Comments and Suggestions box.

Comment on the Outback area between the wood shop and the mailboxes. One side looks very nice and the other side has vines growing all over everything.  Darlene said it would be taken care of. 

Comment about shocking the pool and asking for a schedule so they could plan when family is visiting.  Darlene said absolutely not. If accidents happen, they need to shut down the pool immediately and shock it so it’s safe for the rest of us.  No way to put it on a schedule.

New suggestion in the box requesting more light in the parking light. Asked for show of hands for those who agree.  Will talk with Darlene about this.

Thank you for using our forms so we have a record of everything for the HOA. Our goal is to make sure that Tanglewood and HTA follow their end of the prospectus as well as us.  Our job is to make sure they maintain it. 

In response to Judith’s story about men who came to “be sure everything was alright” in someone’s home:  Florida Statute 723-025 regarding Park Owners Access to Mobile Home and Mobile Home Lot: Park owners have no right to access mobile homes unless the mobile home owner has given prior written consent. Consent may be revoked in writing by the home owner at any time.  The park owner has the right of entry, however, onto the lot for the purpose of repair and replacement of utilities and protection of the mobile home park at all reasonable times but not at such manner or time to interfere unnecessarily with the mobile home owners quiet enjoyment of the lot. 

Several years ago, one of the previous managers sent out a note saying they would be coming around and inspecting everyone’s homes for screen replacement and such.  I challenged them at that time with the recent formation of the HOA. I told them they are not allowed to do that; they can inspect the house from the street but you cannot come onto that property for that purpose.  Florida State Law: If you lease a property, it is considered private property as long as your lease is paid and you are residing on that property. 

Darlene challenged me on that.  She said, “the by-laws …” , but Jack told her they cannot override Statute 723. If anyone comes knocking on your door and you didn’t give permission, tell them to take a hike and get the license number. 

Jim Inch, our resident civil engineer, is back from Canada and will be doing road inspections so we know at this point in time, the status of the roads.

We recently sent out a lengthy email covering the election process and the accomplishments of the HOA since inception. There are 45 items listed that we have been directly involved in over eight years. We are sure they have improved the conditions in the community, making it safer, more secure and healthier. We will continue to focus on those items and maintain legal continuity going forward.

Does the board have any unfinished or new business?  Being none, can I have a motion to adjourn the HOA Board of Directors meeting?  Motion to adjourn, Jack Nelson; 2nd, Janet Peterson.   

The motion is carried. The meeting is adjourned and the floor is open for discussions. 

Respectfully Submitted,
Mary Lee Cipriano, assistant to the Secretary