19 February 2020


HOA MINUTES 02/18/2020

February 19, 2020

The Board of Directors meeting was called to order by President, Charlie Coupe, at 7:00 p.m. in the Tanglewood Clubhouse/Bingo area, on February 19, 2020. He reminded the attendees that only Tanglewood home owners may attend this meeting; all others should exit now and asked them to please silence their phones. We recited the Pledge of Allegiance. Attendees numbered 180.

Roll call was taken by Secretary, Marianne Jones. Board members in attendance were: Charlie Coupe, Don Toth, Bob Cartwright, Judith Eckstein, Jim Inch, Jack Nelson, Janet Peterson, Bob Sisson and Marianne Jones. There was a legal quorum.

Mission Statement was read by Charlie Coupe. He asked that all questions be held until after adjournment of the board meeting.


1. Reports from officers and committee chairs
2. Voting results
3. Election of officers post-meeting

Opening Statement:

We have had to borrow an amp and microphone system since the Bingo Committee, with no explanation, will no longer allow the use of their equipment for our meetings. If anyone has a system we could borrow or purchase, please let us know.

Tonight was the first ever secret paper ballot election for three of the HOA directors. The election process was created by Marianne Jones, Tony Piermarini and myself. To eliminate any bias, the voting system was controlled by unrelated third-party resident volunteers, who acted in the capacity of verifying voters, maintain voting lists, issuing ballots and vote tallying. Tony Piermarini was the elections supervisor. Many hours went into the setup, training and execution of the voting process. Marianne, Tony and volunteers were asked to stand for a round of applause


A motion was made by Jim Inch and seconded by John Nelson to accept and approve the Minutes of the January 2020 meeting. The secretary will post the minutes to the bulletin board and Jack Nelson will post to our website

Legal Committee Lawsuit status – Don Toth

There has been no decision by Judge Ward on our motion of September 6, 2019. Attorneys have been put on notice that this lack of decision to allow lawsuit to proceed is causing delays and that the deteriorating of our community continues. Question before the court is the legal representation of the Tanglewood HOA for all resident of the community. Attorneys have filed a Notice of Status Conference for March 4, 2020 at 10:00 a.m. in the Circuit Court of the Tenth Judicial Court in and for Highlands County, Florida. This official notice has been filed and will take place at the above mentioned time. Notice will be sent to all homeowners as to the results of the status conference via our e-mail system and notice on our bulletin board.

Treasurer – Bob Cartwright
Income for the month – $2,830.
Expenses for the month – $654.78 for printing of ballots and dues inserts for directory.

Secretary – Marianne Jones
No report

President – Charlie Coup.
No report


Status of Roads: Jim Inch
On March 29th of 2019, I prepared a report that detailed the significant number of municipal building permits that were issued for Tanglewood for the drainage system. The research that was used to produce that report showed that Hometown America, or any number of subsidiary firms, have owned this park from its very beginning in the mid-1990’s.

On February 11th of this year, I augmented that report with another that was intended to report on the condition of the roads here in our village. To produce that report, Jack Nelson and I toured approximately 10 mobile home parks and Manufactured Home Parks similar to 3 Tanglewood, both here in Sebring and in Avon Park. I then toured Tanglewood and took a large number of photographs that were intended to show the condition of our roads.

The conclusions of the report included my opinion, supported by factual information that Hometown American had employed a substandard design of the road drainage system and it has not maintained the roads except after instances of failures.

For example, every park that we visit presented roads with crowned centers, roads that had been seal coated in recent years to plug small cracks and, Hometown America has never seal coated any of our roads. I acknowledge that potholes have been plugged with asphalt, but that work was completed by park staff and not an asphalt contractor. The repairs on Woods and Water that were done last year are already breaking out.

My report has been submitted to our legal team to support our contention that the maintenance dollars that are supposed to be kept in our park are not being used in this park to keep our roads in proper condition. I will report however, that the trees and hedges are being trimmed.

I have been a transportation engineer for 50 years and I have not seen roads with drainage systems such as we have here. My personal opinion is that Hometown America is not maintaining our roads.

Jim thanked Jack Nelson for his assistance

Safety and Security – Jack Nelson
No report

Real Estate Sales – Judith Eckstein
As of January 2020, Hometown America has sold eight homes for an average price of $39,737. Four-Star Realty has sold four homes for an average price of $52,075. We are no longer able to get the information on sales and new residents from Hometown America and I am not allowed to seek the information.

Suggestions and Comments – Janet Peterson
The following were suggestions and comments made by our residents during January.

1. The TV in front hall is unused, an eyesore and should be removed. Resolution: Will be done next summer.
2. Wildflower entrance flowers – Resolution: Plants have been purchased and will be planted.
3. Main issues are poor or no lighting on walkways and in front of clubhouse parking lot.
4. Resolution – A motion light will be installed on the walkway on the corner of the Activity Building. May install a couple of more on the corners of the building.
5. Tennis court area is dark – can lights to be installed?
6. Pool area parking lot is dark. Needs lighting.
7. Need for better lighting at all Village signs.
8. Lift chair has been fixed. New one coming in 2022.
9. Suggestion that walkway around clubhouse should be power washed, painted. Resolution – Walkways will be power washed.
10. Code given out for Heartland games. Do not give out the code, just ask for gate to be left open. There will be no code after April 1st. Janet gave instructions for using the new gate entry system. Guests come in through the front gate. Back gate is for residents only.

Communications – Charlie Coupe
Charlie and Jack Nelson are working closely together to develop an acceptable system for the gate to prevent backups and information regarding gate usage will be sent out via e-message.

Messages via e-mail are not received by some of our residents. Charlie will do a test e-mail on March 2nd. If you have shared an e-mail address to our database and have not received an email message from Charlie by the 3rd or 4th of March, please send a message to: charliecoupe@gmail.com.

The Welcome Committee is asking for e-mail addresses from new residents which will be sent to Charlie for his communications database.


There being no further business to come before the Board, a motion was made by John Nelson and seconded by Janet Peterson to adjourn the meeting and was unanimously approved. Respectfully Submitted, Marianne Jones, Secretary

Respectfully Submitted

Marianne Jones