06 – Minutes July 18, 2012

Tanglewood Homeowner Association of Sebring, Inc.
Sebring, FL 33872

Board of Directors Meeting Minutes for July 18, 2012

Present: Don Toth, Gladys Nealon, Merritt Wiley, Jack Nelson, Garland Wampler.
Board members excused from the meeting: Bob Cartwright, Jim Child, Bill Evans and George Weyrauch.
Meeting was called to order by Don Toth at 10:00 A.M. in the Tanglewood rec hall bingo area. Don Toth led the Pledge of Allegiances to the flag.
Roll call was taken by Merritt Wiley. Estimated number of members in attendance was 107.
Board members acknowledged receipt of the secretary’s minutes from the June 20, 2012 board meeting. Motion to accept, seconded and passed by Board.
To reaffirm the HOA purpose, Don Toth read the HOA’s “Mission Statement.”
President’s report: Don Toth reported the board was happy with the number of residents involved in the various committees. A copy of the notes from our meeting with HTA on Wednesday July 17, 2012 can be emailed to residents upon request. The outcome of this meeting will be discussed in our Directors / Committee reports today. Don asked that all “Comments and Suggestions” forms be signed and submitted to the Board and the board will have the appropriate committee handle it. The submitted forms will be held in confidence. The BOD will not take any action or have an opinion on any of the concerns without the committee recommendations and then decide on an appropriate action. Motion to accept, seconded and passed by the Board.
Secretary’s report: Merritt Wiley reported a data base has been created to record all the rent information as it is received from HTA. This information will held in confidence and will only be used by the rent committee during rent negotiations. Motion to accept, seconded and passed by the Board.
Treasurer’s report: Jack Nelson reported he received dues from 20 new members over the last 30 days. The current balance in the HOA checking account was $7,200.00. Motion to accept, seconded and passed by the Board.
Other board members reports: Gladys Nealon and Garland Wampler had nothing to report.
Don Toth asked for committee reports:
Property rents committee: Garland Wampler reported his committee was working on gathering information of comparable parks and to date had found three parks in Polk county that are comparable to Tanglewood. Gena Paugh said that we could not find any comparable parks in Highlands Count. The information for each of the parks, such as what is included in their rents was added to his “Comparable Parks” spread sheet. He has traveled to some of the parks to make sure they are truly a comparable park. The Rents Committee would like to obtain a list of HTA’s comparable parks. This information will be requested from Robert Lethbridge. Motion to accept, seconded and passed by the Board.
Amenities committee: Filling in for Jim Child, Merritt Wiley reported the park manager has been working with Robins Nursery to put together an overall plan for the park’s landscaping issues. Robert Lethbridge is not sure if the plan will be implemented in 2012 or 2013. Talked about the blue culverts and suggested sand blasting rather than repainting white. Repair of park roads is in the bid process and not sure if they will be top coated or resurfaced. Park is having difficulties in finding additional yard maintenance help. Had hired one person and never showed up for work. Robert is still interviewing people for the front desk job in the main office. Residents can use the serving counters in the kitchen area and all agreed the $250.00 security deposit for the use of park facilities should not be changed. Motion to accept, seconded and passed by the Board.
Resales and rentals committee: Don Toth reported no real progress has been made with trying to get the sales office organized as a professional office. Robert Lethbridge is still trying to find a way to have homes list in the MLS. A new sign has been added at the front gate listing the sales contact to gain access to the park or set up an appointment. Also included on the sign is a contact that RVers use to check in on the weekends. The sales office will be closed on Saturdays thru the summer months but will reopen in October. Sunday sales visitation will be by appointment only. The park has no plans to have the sales office open on Sundays. Motion to accept, seconded and passed by the Board.

Acquisitions committee: Nothing to report at this time.
Suggestions and comments committee: Nothing to report at this time.
Security committee: Jack Nelson reported there was a rumor about the FBI visiting the park but they had the wrong address. The park is obtaining bids for a new key card security system that would include all gates, pool, exercise room and pool room. The park will ask the bidders to include cost for cameras at both entrances. If approved, the new key card system would be installed in 2013. There is still a safety issue with residents letting children operating golf carts in the park. Jack asked that all residents observe the posted speed limit in the park. Motion to accept, seconded and passed by the Board.
Outside vendors committee: Jack Nelson reported the problem with DirecTV has been resolved. All service for DirecTV customers will come from their Sebring facilities. Robert Lethbridge asked, if you continue to have problems with service, call the park main office and they will provide you with a special 800 number to call. Possible changes in trash pickup is still an open issue. Because we are a commercial account, it will not be until next year before any dialog between the park and Choice will happen. Because many residents only have a golf cart shed, there is a concern with size and number of trash containers that could possibly be supplied. Motion to accept, seconded and passed by the Board.
Nominations committee: Merritt Wiley nothing to report at this time.
Unfinished business: No unfinished business.
New business: Director / Officers liability insurance was discussed and all board members agreed we must have it. We were also advised by Lee Colling, our retained lawyer that we should have liability insurance. A motion by Jack Nelson was made for the board to investigate cost for liability insurance. A motion by Garland Wampler was made to amend the first motion to include purchasing the liability insurance once the investigation was complete and a competitive price was found. The motion was seconded by Merritt Wiley and passed by all board in attendance.
Don Toth asked for comments and discussion from non-director members of the association.
Don Toth asked for a motion to close the meeting at 11:45 A.M. Motion to close the meeting was received, seconded and passed by Board.

Merritt Wiley – as its Secretary
Underlined corrected September 19, 2012