01 – Minutes January 16, 2013

Tanglewood Homeowner Association of Sebring, Inc.
Sebring, FL 33872

Board of Directors Meeting Minutes for January 16, 2013

Meeting was called to order by Don Toth at 10:00 A.M. in the Tanglewood rec hall bingo area. Don Toth led the Pledge of Allegiances to the flag.
Roll call was taken by Merritt Wiley.
Present: Don Toth, Merritt Wiley, Garland Wampler, Bob Cartwright, Jack Nelson, Jim Child and Bill Evans. George Weyrauch and Gladys Nealon were excused from the meeting.
Estimated number of residents in attendance was 426.
To reaffirm the HOA purpose, Don Toth read the HOA’s “Mission Statement.” In addition, all residents are welcome to the meeting whether they are paid or unpaid members of the HOA.
Board members acknowledged receipt of the secretary’s minutes from the December 19, 2012 board meeting. Don Toth asked for a motion to accept the December 19, 2012 HOA meeting minutes. Jack Nelson made a motion to accept the minutes; it was seconded by Bill Evans and passed by all Board members.
President’s report: Don Toth read the letter of resignation received from Gladys Nealon. A motion to accept the resignation was made by Jack Nelson; seconded by Merritt Wiley and passed by all Board members. Don would also report on the status of the Statutory Committee later in the meeting.
Secretary’s report: Merritt Wiley reported the P.O. Box will have to be renewed before February 27, 2013. We will be moving safety box storage from Bank of America to Heartland State Bank before February 27, 2013. Will have pricing and ask for approval at our next Board meeting on February 20, 2013.
Treasurer’s report: Bob Cartwright gave the treasurer’s report. Beginning balance for December 1, 2012 was $8,375.52. Deposits made were $6,550.00 and expenses were $1,218.93. Ending balance as of December 30, 2012 is $13,706.59. Bob also reported, as of January 15, 2013 there are 474 paid members including 139 new members. Last year we had 500 paid members. Jack Nelson made a motion to accept the Treasurer’s report, seconded by Garland Wampler and passed by the Board.
Vice Presidents report: Jim Child had no report.
Other board members reports:
No other reports were given by the Directors.
Don Toth asked for a motion to accept all officer reports. Jack Nelson made the motion to accept all officer reports; it was seconded by Garland Wampler and passed by the Board.
Don Toth asked for committee reports:
Property rents committee: The HOA was invited by HTA to review and make change recommendations to the Prospectus, Rules and Regulations and the Rental Agreement. Bill Evans, Garland Wampler, Jack Nelson, George Wayrauch, Nancy Gallagher and Richard Whatley formed a subcommittee and reviewed the listed documents. Recommendations were made and submitted to our lawyer for his review. We are to receive a reply from our lawyer by the end of this week of possible changes or corrections and will then submit to HTA.
Amenities committee: Jim Child and his committee had nothing to report on at this time.
Resales and rentals committee: Chairperson Reggie Maxon reported the committee had discussed hardship rentals with no conclusion at this time and tabled this issue until a later date. The committee agreed that any illegal rentals be reported to HTA by using the “Comments and Suggestions” form and it is the park management responsibility to deal with illegal rentals. Background checks for renters and what constitutes an undesirable was a HTA decision. Reggie reported Four Star Homes, Inc. is the new sales company for Tanglewood with Michael Fryzal being head of Four Star Homes, Inc. sales department. A future meeting will be arranged with HOA / Resales and Rentals Committee and Four Star Homes. Resales and rentals committee report dated January 15, 2013 has been filed with the secretaries records.
Acquisitions committee: Jim Child reported FMO no longer puts on their Acquisitions seminar but Bill Williams from FMO agreed to come to Tanglewood and put on a seminar based on his past experience from working with the FMO. This meeting will be held on January 23, 2013 at 10:00 in Tanglewood.
Suggestions and Comments committee: Jim Child reported that all comments and suggestions that have been received have been recorded and the list is posted on the bulletin board. The list will be updated on a regular bases to keep our community informed of any progress that is made. To date, there have been thirty good suggestions made and only five have been resolved. Those who submit a “Comments or Suggestions” form are being contacted by the committee to acknowledge the receipt of their form.
Outside vendors committee: Jack Nelson had nothing to report.
Elections committee: Merritt Wiley had nothing to report at this time.
Statutory Committee: Don Toth – the first duty of the statutory committee is to arrange a meeting with the park owner to discuss any infractions of 723 including unreasonable rent increases. The second duty is, in the event no agreement is reached is to arrange for a joint mediation session with the park owner and mediator to resolve the issue. The HOA has met with the park owner with no resolution being made. A mediation meeting with the park owner and mediator has been scheduled for February 25, 2013 at 11:00 in Tanglewood.
Committee report acceptance: Don Toth asked for a motion to accept all committee reports. Jim Child made a motion to accept all committee reports; Garland Wampler seconded the motion and passed by all Board members.
Unfinished business: Directors and Officers liability insurance has not been resolved. Merritt Wiley will pursue information and pricing for D & O liability insurance. Merritt Wiley made a motion to table this issue until our next HOA meeting. Bill Evans seconded the motion and passed by all Board members.
New business: Don Toth asked for a nomination to fill the vacant Board position. Merritt Wiley nominated Nancy Gallagher and she accepted the nomination. The nomination was seconded by Garland Wampler and passed by all Board members.
Old business: There was no old business.
Don Toth asked for comments and discussion from non-director members of the association.
Don Toth asked for a motion to close the meeting at 11:10 A.M. Bill Evans made a motion to close the meeting; it was seconded by Garland Wampler and passed by all Board members.
Merritt Wiley – as its Secretary