09 – Minutes October 16, 2013

Tanglewood Homeowner Association of Sebring, Inc.
Sebring, FL 33872

                            Board of Directors Meeting Minutes for October 16, 2013
The meeting was called to order by Don Toth at 10 am the bingo area in the rec hall. Don led us in the Pledge of Allegiance to the flag. There were seven board members in attendance with Merritt Wiley and Jerry Callen absent. The Blood Truck was here today and Don asked the operator of the Big Red Truck to say a few words to the group on the continuing need for blood and the possibility of donors coming to the bus to donate blood after the meeting.
Don Toth read the Homeowners Mission Statement and welcomed approximately 225 residents. Don advised the audience of the roll the board had played in the recent advisement of the rent rollback to 2.9% from 3.9% effective Jan. 1st 2014. Also spoke of other amenity improvements that have been made recently and that we have a continuing effort being put forth on a number of issues.
V.P. Jack Nelson reported on several issues. The road repairs are almost completed in several areas. Also that the tree trimming is underway and the entire park should be completed in a few weeks. Reminded residents HTA is still looking for Christmas Decorations for this holiday season. Has been in touch with management regarding the weed and pot hole conditions in the Outback storage area. Rick Sellers said these issues will be addressed. Discussed putting a list of in park vendors on line so residents could consider using them for yard and home services. It was asked that we use the “Comments and Suggestions Box” for all issues in that the Board documents all of them and then submits them to HTA for action. We follow up on the issues to see if they are being addressed. If someone visits the office on an issue, and we are not made aware of it is difficult for the Board to follow up and get results.
Treasurers report by Bob Cartwright; beginning balance as of Sept. 1 was $3,806.45 and ending balance as of Sept. 30 was $3,776.05. Also advised the 2014 dues notices will be sent out next month and any donations over and above the dues would be graciously accepted. We are still undecided on retaining our attorney and it will be decided prior to the end of the year. Also mentioned there are currently 12 HTA owned rental or lease homes, with 5 of them currently being leased.
Reggie Maxon from 4 Star Realty reported that there are currently 94 homes for sale and so far this year 72 homes have been sold. Average price of homes sold was $33,500 with the highest at $115,000.
Garland Wampler, Rents Committee spoke of the disparity in rent between Outback Homes and the rest of the community. The only leases now being offered in the Outback are 3 year leases. Each year a onetime rent payment is made for 6 months occupancy. If the resident stays longer than 6 months, the resident is charged $325.00 per month for each additional month they stay. Also the yearly increase is 5 %. There are a number of homes in the Outback that were given the option to sign a lifetime lease when their ten year lease expired, but HTA now says that is no longer an option. Don Toth has been in touch with the regional manager on this issue and was told this will be addressed before the end of the year. Hopefully we will have an answer on this rent issue at our November meeting.
There were several issues brought up by residents. The gate system is of concern to a number of people. The Board started discussions with HTA a year and a half ago and were told a system was going to be put in the budget last year for action this year. We are looking into systems that would be acceptable to all residents and hope to have the gate issue resolved by the end of the year. The WiFi issue was discussed, and the residents feel that since it was recently made available in the campground it should be made available for the entire community. This will be taken up with management to see if it could be made available to all residents.
There being no further issues a motion to close the meeting was made, seconded and the meeting closed at 10:55 A.M.

Submitted by: Bill Evans in Merritt Wiley’s absence as Secretary